Foote PE

2018 - 2019

September 2018

PE Teachers

Brad McGuire

Colleen Murphy

Joe Reiser

We are excited to start a new year! We began the first two weeks of school with some of our favorite group games. Some of the games that the children in grades 3rd - 9th played were; 3 goal soccer, mattball, capture the flag and a new game that we don't have a name for yet that involves hopping and playing rock, paper, scissors. The children in kindergarten thru 2nd grade practiced locomotor movements in a relay race, did some scooter relays, and played the game builders and bulldozers. It has been an exciting start to the year.

This week we will begin our first units. In 3rd - 7th the first three units will be badminton, soccer and field ball.

The 8th grade outdoor education class began this week as well. This class will focus on team building activities and will finish up with climbing on our high ropes course.

In kindergarten thru 2nd grade we are beginning our units this week. We will focus throwing and catching skills and spatial awareness.

Photos to come soon!!!

May 2018

FIELD DAY!! We will spend the first week of the month getting all of the students ready for field day which is on Wednesday May 9th. It starts at 10:15 and ends at 3:00. The kindergarteners are actually done at 12:00 and will go back to have a regular day in the afternoon. Some of the events that day are; the baton relay, the scoop relay, the fireman's carry, the fun run, the 80 yard dash, tug-o-war, 3 legged race, sack race and the final relay. Parents are welcome to attend. Pictures of the day to come!


April 2018

This month, we are hoping to get started on our spring units once the weather is warmer and the fields are better so we can get outside. Our units are; falcon ball, stick ball and tchoukball. Falcon ball is ultimate football which they play in small groups outside. Stick ball is similar to baseball but for the ball we use a small foursquare ball. This way the kids do not need a glove to field the ball. Tchoukball is a indoor team game that in order to score a point the ball must be thrown by an attacking player, hit the net and bounce outside the half circle without being caught by the defending team. Pictures to come!

March 2018

This month, Kindergarteners - 7th graders got a chance to try our obstacle course called Lost in Space. We set it up in the small gym with the swinging ropes down. There are many different parts to the obstacle course and if at any point you touch the gym floor you are "lost in space". We set this up every year in March and it is the highlight for many kids in PE class.

February 2018

This month one of the units that the Kindergarteners - 2nd graders worked on was striking with an implement. We used balloons and foam paddles. The kids practiced with both their right and left hand. We talked about when you would hit the balloon underhand and when you would hit the balloon overhand. The kids also learned which hand was their dominant hand and which was their non-dominant hand.

January 2018

This month one of the units that the Kindergarteners - 2nd graders will be working on is bowling. They will learn proper technique on how to roll the bowl. They will also learn how to set up the pins in the correct order. They will also learn some of the terms for bowling. Ask them what a split, spare, strike, double and turkey mean. We will start to teach them how to keep score.

December 2017

This month two sections of the 8th grade finished up Outdoor Education. We were able to get outside and finish climbing our two high elements on our rope course. We did some indoor activities as well to finish up the term. Overall, the kids challenged themselves and learned how to be a leader and how to be a good teammate and listener. Enjoy some photos!

November 2017

One of our three units this month was frisbee. This unit was done in grades 3-7. The skills and games varied in each grade. One thing the students learned was the history of the sport of frisbee. Did you know that the sport of frisbee originated down the street at Yale? One game that all of the grades played was Kan Jam. This is a partner game and you play against another set of partners. The goal of the game is to get 21 points or an instant win in order to win the game. We had four students get an instant win which is very difficult to get. Overall, the students seemed to have a lot of fun. Enjoy some photos!

October 2017

September 2017