Folsom School


Special election: December 13, 2022

We have a fiscally responsible plan to improve safety and security at our school and make significant updates to benefit current and future generations. 

That plan involves a bond referendum. That’s a vote to decide if a school district has permission to borrow funds through the sale of bonds to finance large-scale improvements. 

Why is Folsom pursuing a bond referendum on December 13? 

  • To generate upfront funding for facilities improvements and important safety upgrades to our schools.

  • To access a specific type of state aid available to offset costs of our proposed improvement projects; this aid is only available to us following a voter-approved bond referendum.  

  • To make much-needed safety and facilities improvements with no tax increase. In fact, our plan calls for a DECREASE in taxes. We can accomplish this because the timing is right as we near the pay-off point of current debt. 

How much of a tax decrease?

If voters approve the Dec. 13 bond referendum, the owner of a home assessed at Folsom’s average of $198,425 would see an estimated savings of approximately $83 per year in K-8 school debt taxes.


The new debt will be a lower amount than the expiring debt from a previous referendum. The district is asking permission from voters to borrow $3.9 million as part of a $7 million package of improvements heavily funded by state and federal grants. Those grants, along with state aid covering HALF of the $3.9 million, will reduce the local share for taxpayers to $2 million.

The current hardware on classroom doors is outdated. If the referendum is approved, we'd be able to automatically go into lockdown mode in the case of an emergency in a faster, more efficient manner.

Our current HVAC system is in constant need of costly repairs. Already secured state and federal grants will help us upgrade to a new, more-efficient system. A voter-approved bond referendum would cover the rest of the costs.

What projects are proposed?

  • Enhanced levels of security would be added to every classroom if voters approved the referendum.  All classroom doors would be part of a school-wide system that could automatically be secured if the school needed to go into lockdown mode, saving precious time while keeping students and staff members safely in classrooms. 

  • Our building is well-maintained, but the roof is in constant need of costly repairs. Proactive planning and replacement is less costly than a wait-and-see approach.

  • State and Federal grants for a new HVAC system equipped with MERV13 filters and UV lights which will help with air purification have already been secured. The upgrades proposed in the referendum would cover the remainder of the project, which would not only improve air quality, but also cost efficiency and safety. 

  • Our phone system is outdated.  A new communications system would bring us into the 21st century. 

What is the cost?

If voters approve the bond referendum, Folsom School District can accomplish the proposed projects, estimated to cost $7 million while actually seeing a DECREASE in school taxes. That math is possible because of three things:

1.The timing is right. The district is nearing the pay-off point of old debt. By acquiring new debt as this old debt expires, the district can keep the tax rate steady over time, while continually investing in needed repairs and renovation.

2. The district has access to a new “pot” of state funding. This specific type of state aid, along with already secured state and federal grant money, would cover HALF of the district’s $7 million costs. This state funding is only available when a district passes a bond referendum. 

3. The district has already secured more than $3.2 million in federal and state grant funding to help complete the HVAC projects.


How can you vote in the Tuesday, Dec. 13 election?

Community members who are registered to vote will determine whether the district can sell bonds to make the proposed improvements. To have your say:

Register to vote by Tuesday, Nov. 22. Check your registration status here. If you are not registered, complete a voter registration form. 

  • If you want to vote by mail mailed to you, apply for that by Tuesday, Dec. 6. Forms and directions are here.  

  • Head to the polls at Folsom Borough Hall between 2-8 p.m. on Dec 13 to cast your ballot!

What else do you need to know before you vote?

Stay tuned! We will continue to share opportunities to learn about the proposed projects in Folsom’s bond referendum leading up to Tuesday, December 13 vote. 

Email with questions!

We know the safety of our school community and the future of our school are important to you, so we appreciate your willingness to learn more about our bond referendum.