Folsom CERT

What is the Folsom CERT Academy?

The Folsom CERT Academy (basic training) is a series of classes taught twice a year.  The course curriculum includes how to assist family members and neighbors until emergency responders arrive, disaster preparedness, first aid, search and rescue, and emergency response plans.   The CERT Academy is free. Participants must be age 18 or older, and preference is given to applicants who live or work in Folsom.

Members of the current CERT team will be teaching the classes in-person. All classes are held in-person at Folsom Fire Station 35 on Glenn Dr. and are from 6-9 pm. All classes and the final must be attended to complete the program.

Students who complete this required training course, additional online classes and pass a background check may be invited to become members of the Folsom Fire Department’s volunteer CERT team. Full details will be provided during the Academy.

Academy Classes:

Unit 1 Disaster Preparedness 

• Community Preparedness: Roles and Responsibilities • Hazards and Their Potential Impact • Home and Workplace Preparedness • Reducing the Impact of Hazards Through Mitigation • CERT Disaster Response • Additional Training for CERT Volunteers 

Unit 2 CERT Organization 

• CERT Organization • CERT Mobilization • Documentation 

Unit 3 Disaster Medical Operations — Part 1 

• Treating Life–Threatening Conditions • Basic First Aid Care 

Unit 4 Disaster Medical Operations — Part 2 

• Mass Casualty Incidents • Functions of Disaster Medical Operations • Establishing Medical Treatment Areas • Conducting Head-to-Toe Assessments • Public Health Considerations 

Unit 6 Fire Safety and Utility Controls 

• Fire Chemistry • Fire Size-up Considerations • Firefighting Resources • Fire Suppression Safety • Fire and Utility Hazards • Hazardous Materials 

Unit 7 Light Search and Rescue Operations 

• Safety During Search and Rescue Operations • Conducting Interior and Exterior Search Operations • Conducting Rescue Operations 

Unit 5 Disaster Psychology  and Unit 8 CERT and Terrorism 

• Disaster Reactions • Self-Care and Team Well-Being • Working with Survivors’ Emotional Responses • Terrorist Goals and Tactics • Preparing Your Community • Active Shooter Situations • Until Help Arrives • Hazmat and CBRNE 


Review of the key points of the training.

Preparation for the final exam and disaster simulation
• Q&A

Final Exam and Disaster Exercise

• Final Exam • Disaster Exercise • Exercise Critique and SummaryCertificate ceremony

When and Where is the Academy?

The next Folsom Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Academy begins August 31st. 


Fall 2023 Academy Class Dates:

Evening 1 - Aug 31 - Unit 1: Disaster Preparedness.

Evening 2 - Sep 5 - Units 2 & 5: CERT Organization Disaster Psychology.

Evening 3 - Sep 7  - Unit 3: Disaster Medical Operations - Part 1.

Evening 4 - Sep 12 - Unit 4: Disaster Medical Operations - Part 2.

Evening 5 - Sep 14 - Unit 6: Fire Safety and Utility Controls.

Evening 6 - Sep 19 - Unit 7: Light Search and Rescue Operations.

Evening 7 - Sep 21 - Unit 8: Terrorism and CERT.

Evening 8 - Sep 26 - Review

Evening 9 - Sep 28 - Final / Disaster Drill

All classes are held in-person at Folsom Fire Station 35 on Glenn Dr. and are from 6-9 pm.

Sacramento County Health Department Public Health Orders will be enforced.

How can I get more information?

The FEMA CERT site can be found HERE.

An online introductory class is provided by FEMA.  It is not a prerequisite for our in-person class but it may answer some questions you may have about the CERT program.  You can find it HERE

If you have any other questions, send email to