Mrs. Jenkins'

Love Bugs

Welcome to Mrs. Jenkins'

Kindergarten Room!!!

In this room we live and learn by The Fruits of the Spirit!

Please take the time before Monday morning to watch the video of Mr. Press addressing our drop off and pick up instructions for this year. Thank you!!!

Pickup Instructions.mp4

Conference- 8:00AM-8:15AM and 2:15PM-3:00PM

The Fruits of the Spirit

LOVE one another

Share in each other's JOY

Make PEACE with others

Have PATIENCE with our learning

Spread KINDNESS in our actions

Treat everyone with GOODNESS

Have continuing FAITHFULNESS in our God

Have GENTLENESS in our words

Always have SELF-CONTROL

"I'm selling education...a life-altering product that can transform the human spirit and literally change the world one student at a time."

--Dave Burgess