Kindergarten Math Stations

This site will provide you with informational videos about the skills your child is learning during Math Station Time. You will be able to see the skills in action by clicking on your child’s classroom!

The first round of skills being taught during Station Time weren’t really math skills! They were Cooperative Group Skills! Our Kindergarten Math Station time is set up for the kindergarteners to learn skills not only from the teachers but also, from each other. In order for children to learn from each other they need to develop their knowledge of cooperative group skills. In Kindergarten we use a book series called, We Thinkers to help the children gain an understanding of the skills needed to be successful when working with other students.

The videos below offer some information about our Social Thinking program. You can also click on your child's classroom to watch your child participate in the various activities that work on teaching cooperative group skills.

Cooperative Group Skills

Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings

Following the Group Plan - Thinking With Your Eyes

10-Frames Trains

Did your child talk to you about working as a train conductor? Click on the informational video below to learn how 10-frame trains help children develop conceptual understanding of number parts. Then click on your child's classroom to find videos of your children working as conductors!