Welcome to 3K!

Ms. Marceau

General Classroom Information

Important Dates

October 1st - Orange shirt day

October 2nd - Success Assembly at 2:20 PM

October 3rd - Puppet show 9:00 AM

October 4th - Pajama day for the United Way

October 5th - Picture day

October 8th - Thanksgiving (no school)

October 19th - No school

October 26th - No school

October 31st - Halloween and Success Assembly at 11:35 AM


Each student has an agenda, which will be sent home every day. Please get into the routine of initialing this agenda to indicate that assigned homework has been completed. They are to be brought back to school every day as there is valuable information in them that we may need. The agendas are also very useful for us to communicate with each other so please do not hesitate to contact me via them. I will also use them to inform you of anything regarding your child.

Home Reading

As part of their homework each night, students should read for 15-20 minutes. Each student will receive a reading log. Every night your child should fill out the box about their book. The boxes are labelled "M, T, W, T" for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Your child can write a summary, a prediction, they can ask a question, make a connection or visualize (i.e. draw a picture). Please only fill out one box per night. Home reading folders should come back to school everyday and they will go home every night. This is to ensure your child completed the reading and earned a check mark on the chart. When your child has read for so many nights, they will receive a prize. As of right now, they may choose to read what they like at home. Generally it's their library book, but it can be a book of their choice. Reading with your child will GREATLY improve their reading and success in all the other subjects; reading is such an important skill! Based on the reading abilities of your children, please have them read aloud to you at least a couple times a week. Ask them questions regarding plot, setting, characters, etc. It is important that students read books that are at their reading level to improve their reading skills. If you have any concerns about their abilities, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Your child might have an occasional extra homework assignment on top of their daily reading.

Bell Times

It is extremely important that your child attends school and is on time every day. In case of illness or if your child will be away for any other reason, please contact the school to let us know. Students will be marked late if they enter the classroom after morning announcements have started.

Bell 8:10am

Class start 8:15am

Recess #1 9:50 - 10:05am

Nutrition break 10:05-10:25pm

Lunch 12:05-12:25pm

Recess #2 12:25 – 12:45pm

Dismissal 2:50pm

Entry Doors

This year the grade 3K class will be entering and exiting through the doors located on the back left hand side of the school (closest to Mrs. Nyeste’s classroom by the basketball hoops). Please drop your child off at these doors in the morning. I am encouraging independence and responsibility in all of my students and so I would like students to enter the classroom and get their materials ready without the help of a parent. This means, that as soon as your child comes to school, you are free to enjoy your day!

Apple School

We are an Apple School, which means we promote healthy choices in the students' lifestyles. This means that we encourage the students to bring in a healthy snack and lunch as often as possible. We also encourage an active lifestyle including lots of daily physical breaks during the day. When families wish to send in food to share with the class we ask that you consider choosing a healthy option.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at the school, however I communicate mostly via email at km4861@fmcsd.ab.ca. I look forward to chatting with all of you throughout the year! :)

Kristin Marceau