"I've found the work we did together transformative"

Sarah Lockhart, CEO of Rinse.fm

In 2016, with my best pal Jim, I co-founded flux, a consultancy helping organisations to be run by their people. The work we're doing has helped founders to re-connect, decision making to decentralise, money to be saved, money to be earned, people to be happy, innovative ideas to emerge.

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I contributed a chapter on distributed organisations to How Work Works a book published by the European Creative Hubs Network, co-funded by the European Commision.

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Case Studies

We're really proud of the work we're doing at flux.

We try to share our lessons openly, so take a look below if you're curious.

See how we helped a legendary Founder & CEO find their mojo...

Flux Case Study - *Change Partnership* with Rinse Group

See how we helped the CEO of a billion $ tech company to open eyes and give freedom...

Flux Case Study - *Change Catalyst Event* for Oberthur Technologies

See how we helped a famous agency create real change resulting in real money...

Pre-flux - H+K

See how we helped a leading TV company co-create their culture

Pre-flux - ITV

Coming Soon...

See how we're currently helping a whole organisation become totally self-managed and run by it's people...