"You bring that new way of thinking. The next generation..."

Geeneus, Father of Grime music and founder of Rinse.fm

I help decision makers make transformative decisions.

I do that by by asking provocative questions and linking knowledge from loads of different fields of work.

Whether it's the CEO of a billion dollar company working on their vision for the business, or helping a director conduct a digital transformation, or helping startup founders get back on track.

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"This has for sure impacted us and will transform our day to day habits and way of working. Thanks a lot Jon"

- Anne Francin, Marcomms Manager, Oberthur Technologies

"You're in the business of transforming lives and you are doing great."

Pierre Bady, Director of Engineering, Oberthur Technologies


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See how I helped a legendary Founder & CEO find their mojo...

Flux Case Study - *Change Partnership* with Rinse Group

See how I helped the CEO of a billion $ tech company to open eyes and give freedom...

Flux Case Study - *Change Catalyst Event* for Oberthur Technologies

What shall we chat about?

My breadth is my specialism

I've been described as a hybrid, a polymath and other terms which suggest that my strength is in seeing the connection between things that may originally seem disconnected.

What this means for you is that we can go deep into lots of different topics, without ever losing sight of the big picture. It means being able to see far in front of us and far around us all whilst taking actions that will change stuff tomorrow.

If you're looking for a flavour of things we could discuss, here is a shameful list of buzzwords that people sometimes associate me with (although I'm very cautious about actually using them):

  • Organisational culture, psychology, leadership, facilitation
  • Organisational structure, processes, agile, org design
  • Business strategy, business modeling
  • Digital transformation, innovation
  • Customer-centricity, design thinking, customer centric org design
  • Futurism, blockchain, future of democracy, future of education, future of work, philosophy
  • ... and more

"Inspiring, accessible. Just awesome!"

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