GPU Hackathon

March 11-15, 2019 - Santa Fe, NM, USA

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At least 8 teams from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, and University of New Mexico Albuquerque. Space is available for additional teams to participate!

Software applications include atmospheric physics, plasma physics, oceanography, magnetohydrodynamics, and machine learning.

Languages being represented are Fortran, C/C++, and Python.

8-10 independent (non-vendor affiliated) GPU experts serving as mentors. These mentors typically come from universities and other research institutions.


  • Joseph Schoonover, Research Scientist, Fluid Numerics
  • Bob Robey, Applications Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, XCP Division
  • Wyatt Gorman, HPC Specialist, Google

Supporting Sponsors:

  • Fluid Numerics
  • Google Cloud
  • SchedMD (Slurm Workload Manager)
  • Drury Plaza Hotel
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • IBM
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Sandia National Laboratory


Five days of expert-led team programming focused on accelerating GPU applications with Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

Teams of software developers and scientists will be paired with expert GPU programmers before the event to develop a strategy to accelerate their applications. During the 5 day hackathon, teams will rapidly convert their code to leverage GPU accelerated high performance computing platforms. Teams will participate in daily scrum sessions where they will share their successes and, more importantly, their struggles.

As the week progresses we record and aggregate team data to understand performance and progression to determine awards for the event. At the end of the week we present winning teams with awards within multiple categories like code speed up and hackathon spirit.

To support this hackathon, we are seeking funding for our non-vendor affiliated mentors. They are critical to the success of the hackathons and we aim to make sure their travel costs are covered and that a monetary award is offered for their professionalism and their willingness to share their knowledge with others.


Applications Open: December 3, 2018

Applications Close: January 18, 2019

Event: March 10-15, 2019


Drury Plaza Hotel, Santa Fe, NM

Rooms available for booking until February 4, 2019

Discounted Rates are available for March 10-17, 2019


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Fun & Exciting

Self-care is #1 at our events. We promote and engage mindfully as part of our core values. Over the course of five days, you and your team will be encouraged to dive into new strategies for accelerating your software while taking the time to explore a new part of the world creating a balance between work and life. Don't miss our self-care activities like socials, hikes, art walks and yoga.

Accelerated Learning

We work directly with sponsors and mentors to ensure that we support success in the form of expediting results and productivity greatly. A hackathon environment provides teams the freedom to grow in a space that embraces this objective.

SME Access

By pairing teams with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the world of GPU programming you are staged for success during and after the event. Many times the challenges that start at these events don't end their. Exposure and activity within the GPU community begins at events like this.


The hackathon learning modality encourages rapid development processes that can assist any team with their development workflow. Daily scrum sessions promote the rapid exchange of ideas, enhancing cross-domain collaboration and improving the morale and rate of success.

Fluid Numerics Cloud

Fluid Numerics will be providing time on their heterogeneous cluster powered by Google Cloud Platform.

This cluster will have seven partitions, each with 20 nodes:

  • 64-octo-v100 - highmem-64 ( 64 CPU + 416 GB RAM ) + 8 Nvidia® Tesla® V100 GPUs
  • 32-quad-p100 - highmem-32 ( 32 CPU + 208 GB RAM ) + 4 Nvidia® Tesla® P100 GPUs
  • 16-quad-p4 - highmem-16 ( 16 CPU + 104 GB RAM ) + 4 Nvidia® Tesla® P4 GPUs
  • 16-quad-k80 - highmem-16 ( 16 CPU + 104 GB RAM ) + 4 Nvidia® Tesla® K80 GPUs
  • 8-single-k80 - highmem-8 ( 8 CPU + 52 GB RAM ) + 1 Nvidia® Tesla® K80 GPU
  • 8-single-p100 - highmem-8 ( 8 CPU + 52 GB RAM ) + 1 Nvidia® Tesla® P100 GPU
  • standard-32 - standard-32 ( 32 CPU + 120 GB RAM )


Team Application

Sign up today. We review each team application individually and will be taking submissions until January 18th, 2019

Acceptance & Registration

Once your team is accepted you will be asked to pay a registration fee per team member:


These fees reflect costs incurred by the organization and facilitation of this event. One of our core values is to maintain the value in our events by provisioning resources through our sponsors and organizers. Your support enables us to provide an educative environment to all organizations.

Meal plans are available for the event. Please contact us to arrange any nutritional needs.

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Team Guidelines

We have prepared some guidelines for hackathon attendees based on experiences from previous events. The team guidelines will help make sure you are adequately prepared for a week of intense development. Taking the time to make sure you, your team, and your software are ready for rapid development will increase you chances of realizing massive performance gains. Be sure to review the hackathon guidelines with your mentor.

Mentor Guidelines

We have prepared some guidelines for hackathon mentors based on experiences from previous events. The mentor guidelines help you help your team prepare for the hackathon. Learn more about best practices for diving into a new code base and driving your team towards success over a one week intense coding sprint.

Travel Guides

Review these guides for more information about the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.

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