2019 Santa Fe GPU Hackathon

Applications for the 2019 Santa Fe GPU Hackathon are open! Sign up and Start planning your trip today!

A GPU hackathon is a hands-on workshop where domain scientists and software developers can team with GPU programming experts to accelerate their applications with GPUs. Many organizations are beginning to host these events that are open for anyone to apply. This site provides guidelines on how to prepare for a hackathon and a calendar of events for hackathons and other training sessions. Addtionally, we aim to share knowledge on the various strategies towards porting your application to GPUs.


Fluid Numerics is the primary sponsor of gpuhackathon.com. We aim to share knowledge to help you get started with GPU programming and provide you information and guidelines to help you participate in the the GPU Hackathon community.

We believe that domain scientists should have the opportunity to explore the latest technologies for accelerating scientific applications while limiting the risk involved in researching bleeding-edge technologies. Hackathons provide the platform to get hands-on experience in exploring the latest in High Performance Computing technologies in a fixed period of time. These workshops enable researchers to develop more efficient software and workflows with the guidance of experienced mentors. Developer teams that have attended hackathons have been able to tackle state-of-the-art computational problems on fewer resources and have developed a clear path towards new, more complex challenges.

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If you are hosting a hackathon or GPU programming tutorial or talk, reach out to contact@gpuhackathon.com to learn how to get your event added to the calendar.

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