Welcome to Spanish class! I am looking forward to helping you you develop the skills needed to communicate in a second language. Whether this is your first or second year in my class, I promise you will not leave this class without acquiring some Spanish. You will enter a class where mistakes are celebrated and learning is fun.

You will receive a copy of Syllabus and Course Description through Google Classroom. This will be done the first week of school. We will use Google Classroom weekly for assignments, assessments, class discussions and a s tool to communicate in Spanish.

  • Materials needed for this class:

-Index cards

-Ear buds

-1” binder for Spanish class only


Email me to wcarvajal@floydboe.net if you have any questions. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

A Little Bit About Me

My interest for language education began almost twenty years ago when I had the opportunity to teach English as a second language in the country of Colombia, South America.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Education from Atlantic Union College at Lancaster, Massachusetts. Also at the bay state, I completed an M.Ed. in Education at Framingham State University, researching language pedagogy and how children and adults acquire a second language. I have been awarded 'Highly Qualified' teacher status by Massachusetts and Georgia Department of Education and I am an active member of the American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages, TESOL, FLAG, and other educational and language organizations.

Before I moved from Massachusetts to the Peach state in 2016, I taught for many years at an innovative school north of Boston. There I had the opportunity to practice teaching approaches that place students in charge of their learning through hands-on education, technology, second language development, higher order and critical thinking skills. This year, My goal at MMS is to provide authentic and meaningful opportunities for my students to acquire some Spanish and develop and appreciation for diversity.

During my free time I love spending time with my wife and two kids. I also love reading, playing the guitar or soprano saxophon, and traveling. Places I have visited in the past include Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, and Canada.