What does it mean to Level Up?

A teacher's job is to hone his or her craft. By participating in meaningful professional development, teachers are able to become better practitioners at their chosen profession. Floyd County School's concept of Level Up, originating from Richland Two in Columbia, SC, offers teachers an opportunity to become better at what they do. Teachers submit evidence of advancing their knowledge of integrating technology while using that same technology to enhance student learning.

The focus of Floyd County School's Level Up Platform is two-fold. Utilizing the amazing professional development within Google Apps for Education Certification Programs, teachers will earn points by completing steps towards certification. Teachers will then Level Up by applying those lessons learned with students. Teachers will submit evidence, accumulate points, and earn badges showing they are the experts in their field.

How does it work?

Floyd County School's Level Up Process is a multi-year professional development model that will allow teachers to grow and show what they know. Level 1 will focus on training culminating in completion of the Google Apps for Education Level 1 Certification. Along the way, teachers will also complete practical applications of the challenges.

As we move into our second year, Level 2 will offer more challenges and the Level 2 Certification. Those who choose to continue can work towards earning Certified Trainer Status.

All evidence of successful completion of challenges will be uploaded to a Google Form. Speak to your school Instructional Technology Specialist for information on how to get started.

What's New For Year 2

Level Up 2.0

* 3 specific challenges scheduled for each nine weeks

*5 Year long challenges

*4 Bonus Point challenges

Upon completion, teachers will receive a badge to post to a digital board showing they have completed the challenge. The more challenges completed, the more points earned. The more points earned, the cooler you become!

*Total maximum points: 104