1954 Model High School Class "B" Football State Champions


Randy Davis interviews four of the seven original cheerleaders from the 1954 Model High School cheer-leading team. The discussions draw comparisons between cheer-leading in 1954 and today, including uniforms, levels of athleticism, and cheers. These ladies share some interesting and amusing stories of their time as Lady Blue Devil Cheerleaders. Get a feel for what cheer-leading was like in 1954 at Model High School. Participating in the interviews are: Annelle Garrison Hamilton, Barbara Gray Blankenship, Arlette Dean Drummond, and Doris Duke Keith.



Randy Davis interviews players from the 1954 Model High School Class "B" State Championship football team. The players interviewed include: All-State Lineman of the Year for 1954, Wayne Shellnut, Guard J. H. Dyer, and Rome-Floyd Hall of Fame Inductee Pete O' Dillon. Topics of discussion include the coaches, the equipment, game preparation, expectations for the season, key personnel, Barron Stadium, The Annual Shrine Game, the Mills, the Rome High Marching Drum and Bugle Corp Band, opposing teams, strategies, and more.

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Model High Class of 2017 Senior and All-Region football player Hunter Hays interviews players from the 1954 Model High School Class "B" Championship football team. The players interviewed include: Guard, J. H. Dyer, Halfback, Mody Hamilton, and Rome-Floyd Hall of Fame Inductee End, Jerome Webb. The interview steps through each game of the season, then marches through the playoffs toward an eventual 1954 Model High School Class "B" State football championship. Included are the actual newspaper headlines of each game of the season and discussion of key personnel, strategies, offensive and defensive sets, coaches, equipment, key injuries, opposing team analysis, the coaches, and what it was like advancing to the State Championship game versus Claxton.

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The Game, Model High School versus Claxton High School, footage was provided by Jack Dickey on a DVD converted from the original 16 mm film. The original live broadcast of the game by Lee Mowry was not able to be found, so we planned to recreate the play by play with a voice-over. Even after scripting all 120 plays of the game, then allowing players from the 1954 team to review the scheme of plays for accuracy, color, and commentary, the task was difficult because of the rapid pace of successive plays on the video. Finally, we decided to have Randy Davis and Jerome Webb commentate the game. This method proved successful, adding color and amusing stories and perspectives, as we added captions, scores by quarter, slow motion of key plays, crowd noise, team statistics, player rosters, key players and awards, and credits at the end of the video using Adobe Premier Pro Creative Cloud software.

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The coaches of the 1954 Model High School State of Georgia Class "B" Championship team were N. S. Woodard, Ralph Tuggle, and Nevin Jones, brother to 1954 starting Model quarterback Bobby Jones. Coach Nevin Jones shares a great deal of history about the start of the football program at Model High School in 1945. He also tells of Model's early dominance over Calhoun and about how the Blue Devils were nearly called the "Redskins." He also shares his thoughts and admiration for Coach Woodard and tells some personal stories of the times at Model High School between 1945 and 1954.

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The Program - August 8, 2017

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017, beginning at 6:30 PM, A Season to Remember was presented to attendees in the Model High School auditorium. Prior to the assembly, a reception was held for team members, cheerleaders, coaches,and family members. Four films were premiered including, "The Cheerleaders", "The Pre-season", "The Season", and "The Game". 2017 Model High School graduate and football player Hunter Hays served as the master of ceremonies for the evening. For ninety minutes, the crowd was taken back in time to 1954 to relive a proud moment in Blue Devil history, the State of Georgia Class "B" football championship.

Program Introduction: Welcome, invocation, pledge of allegiance, and introduction of the initial film segment.

Acknowledgements and Program Closing:


The "Season to Remember" project presented many learning opportunities for students at Model High School. Students learned aspects of project management, time management, scheduling, communications, web design, and editing of graphics, video, and audio files. Our Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 subscription provided the primary tools used to produce finished videos. Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects were the primary tools used to edit video assets, while Audition was used to edit audio assets, and Photoshop was used to edit and create graphics.

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WATCH "THE VIDEO EDITING PROCESS PART II" - Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Edit Video Assets - Creating Titles, Lower Thirds, Credits, and Special Effects. (14 minutes)

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