Coosa's Anti-Bullying Program

Olweus is an anti-bullying program that we do every other week on Tuesday's. We recently had our Olweus Kick-Off on August 15th, where we worked as homerooms to build team management skills and collaboration. On these days, we break into groups and learn about what is bullying and how to prevent it. There are activities and lessons that are dedicated to this issue. We are striving to put an end to all forms of bullying, including cyberbullying. We urge every student to come to an adult and report bullying that may be happening to them, a friend, or even in passing down the hallway. Teachers here at CMS are advocates for your child and care very much about them. We let them know that we will do our best to help and step in, but we don't see everything. So let your child know to report anything to me, a teacher, or an administrator as soon as possible and it will be address.