Class Schedule and Information


Normal Schedule:

    • 08:05AM - Chorus
    • 09:05AM - Band
    • 10:00AM - Band
    • 11:00AM - Planning
    • 12:20PM - Chorus
    • 01:25PM - Chorus
    • 02:20PM - Band

Classroom Policies:

Our classroom policies are posted in our band's handbook located here.

How Can I Improve My Grade?:

The easiest response to this question is "PRACTICE!" Students who create a practice routine will clearly benefit with improved grades. Often times students who do not practice become frustrated with a lack of progress and want to quit because of this.

Many times students will cover up their frustrations with other statements like:

"I want to switch instruments"

"I'm not having any fun anymore"

"I'm bored..."

Often times these vague statements are cover-ups for what is really going on. Most often the problem is a lack of development on their current instrument, or they begin to notice they are falling behind their peers in production.

A modest practice routine solves so many problems. In the busy times of today a student who practices 30 minutes a day, three times a week will see a large benefit over time. More practice typically results in a greater development.

Homework Policy:

Students are expected to know their music when they arrive to class. Class time is designed to rehearse the band and develop the techniques required to continue our goal of excellence in each performance. Students who do not know their music when they arrive to class slow down the progress and hinder the success of the program as a whole.

Although homework (practice) is not graded, it is expected.