STAAR Toolkit for Parents

YOu can see your student's state assessment

  • You can look at the actual test your student took.
  • You can see your student's answer choices.
  • You can compare your student's answer choice with all the students in Texas and in FBISD.
  • You can view previous STAAR tests starting in 2013.

The information below will help guide you.

Accessing the Student Portal for Test Results.pdf

Quick Start to Students STAAR Results

Access your student's STAAR test results using this quick reference guide.

Using access code:

Use social security number to retrieve access code:


STudent Portal Parent Help Guide

Texas Assessment Student Portal is designed to provide students and parents with online access to a student’s state assessment scores.

This portal will assist a student and his or her parents with tracking assessment information throughout the student’s academic career.

Texas Assessment Website:


STAAR Progress Measure

The STAAR progress measure provides information about the amount of improvement or growth a student has made from year to year. For STAAR, progress is measured as a student’s gain score, the difference between the score a student achieved in the prior year and the score a student achieved in the current year. Individual student progress is then categorized as Did Not Meet, Met, or Exceeded.


STAAR Released Test

Click on the blue hyperlinks to see the STAAR test students have taken since 2013.


Curriculum, Blueprint & TEst Questions

Click on the blue hyperlinks to learn more about each grade levels content curriculum, the blueprint of the STAAR test and test questions.

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Accountability System

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