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CP Environmental Science 18/19

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Course Objectives

The study of environmental science involves multiple science disciplines (biology, chemistry, physical) and the implementation of scientific thinking to solve problems experiences in nature. Upon entering the course, students should have background knowledge and completed core science classes in biology, physical science and possibly chemistry. The environment is everything around us, it includes the natural world along with things produced by humans. It is a complex web of relationships that connects the world we live in. When we we think about environmental problems and how to solve them, we have to consider human societies, how they act, and why they do what they do. Understanding the values that often affect environmental decisions is important. In addition, before decisions can be made, we need to look at the data provided and organize and interpret. The way that data is interpreted is determined by the understanding of the structure of the systems that are present here on Earth, as all these systems are tied closely together to shape our environment.