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Our best advices:

    • Take your time: Visit 2 or 3 flooring stores, compare not just prices, never based your decision just on the economic factor; it is not hard to give you a fantastic offer based on temporary deals or cheap products.
    • Guarantee on product and installation: Every product has its own guarantee provided by the manufacturer, learn all about it, the store most back you up and help you with the supplier in the event something happens to the product in years to come. On the installation, any store that works with qualified installers should be able to provide at least one year full guarantee on installations defects.
    • Cheap labor: You may go with inexpensive installers if your budget is very tight, but the risk of ending paying painful consequences is very high. There is always space to discuss better rate with the store you selected.
    • Brands and suppliers: Some stores carries any brand from any suppliers in order to have endless options and price ranges, this may give the impression they are the best option and they in fact may be, but is hard to believe their sells personal knows all they should about every product, you may end buying a cheap product for much more than what it should cost.
    • Financing: Check the store accepts mayor credit cards and has options to finance your purchase even if you don’t need it, this will tell you they have been filtered, processed and approved by this institutions which should give you more confidence.
    • General hardware stores: This is always an option to buy your floors, they normally carries quite a large options, but they are focused on prices more than anything else, some even offers not just the product but labor too. Make sure when you add all their cost, even the ones that just pump out at the end when you are about to pay, are what you had in mind. The guarantees and backs ups when problems shows up, is always a factor you take into consideration.