Family Digital Learning Toolkit

This site has been developed to support learners and families across Clackmannanshire with Digital Learning

Our family/ learner support centre has been created to support learners and families with accessing G Suite and Google Classroom. Here you will find video guides to key tasks across Google Classroom and other apps. There is also a detailed guide to your Glow Google account and how to get mobile apps for Android and iOS here

NB We will add to this site as we roll out more features and apps/extensions for Chrome

Looking for account information or wondering how to access Google apps?

Looking for Google Classroom support, tips and video guides for families?

Looking for Google Meet web conferencing support?

Here are some activities and supports for staying safe online>

Here are some tips on how to keep your Chromebook safe>

What is Google for Education?

Google for Education provides a suite of cloud-based productivity and learning tools for schools and education for free. This is known as G Suite for Education and includes unlimited cloud storage via Google Drive as well as online documents, websites and a virtual classroom called Google Classroom. Google Classroom makes it easy for teachers to share tasks, material and have conversations with classes.

100% Advert-free and data is only processed by Google

G Suite comes with the guarantee that there will never be any adverts in its education products. It is also important to note that Google is only processing the data. All rights to data remain with the owners.

What is Glow?

Glow is a single-sign on (SSO) solution provided to Scottish Education by Scottish Government and Education Scotland. This means that learners and educators get a username and password (Glow account) that they can use to access solutions like G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Wordpress and other apps that would normally need separate accounts. Glow accounts mean learners and teachers just need one username and password but can use it to sign-in to all these different services.

What is my Glow Google account?

All learners need to do is sign-in to Glow and click on Google Drive to activate their Glow Google account. This will give them a new email address ( to use with Google Apps. After that, they just need to sign into Google tools in the web browser and Google apps on mobile phones using this email address and their Glow password.

What if I forget my Glow password?

Your Glow account password is yours to be responsible for and we recommend keeping it safe and secure and making sure you have a note of it. If you (or your child) forgets their Glow password you just need to ask your teacher to reset it. All teachers can change learners Glow passwords via the Glow launchpad management console. If anyone forgets their Glow password it can be reset by any member of school staff.

What is FLIP Clacks?

FLIP Clacks is a website and virtual learning approach we have developed to support flexible learning. It stands for Flexible Learning | Individual Pathways because we want to create and curate learning content that learners and parents can access at anytime/on-demand. We also have a central mission that all schools in Clackmannanshire will have virtual classrooms as well as physical classrooms so that pupils can access work from home.