LHS summer reading

Summer reading is varied by grade level. Click above on the appropriate grade above for you.

Why read in the summer?

  • for enjoyment
  • after much research, it's the US Department of Education's recommendation
  • everyone in the corporation has it
  • to see other's thoughts, experiences, and perspectives
  • to prepare for success
  • more free time to start on an AP class
  • to start off the year with an A in English (10% of your grade each term is outside reading per corporation guidelines)

How to access your reading:

1. Visit your local library

2. Purchase from a bookstore or online distributor

3. Download from provided link (if available)

New to Lapel?

New students will be expected to follow the expectations as outlined in this program. However, teachers may give deadline extensions or alternate assignments to newly enrolled students if necessary. Extensions will be set for new students based on classroom expectations and assignments.

First day of school is August 9th.