Fountain Lake School District

Supporting Every Student Everyday For Success

The total proposed school tax levy of 38.8 mills represents a 4.0 mill increase over the current tax rate (2.95 mills for maintenance and operation and 1.05 mills for debt service).


  • Recruitment/Retention of Quality Staff
  • Increase Salaries
  • Sustain & Enhance Educational Curricular Programs
  • Expanding Pre-School
  • Address mental health and wellness


  • Construct a Pre-School Center
  • Campus Roadway Development/Parking/Site Development
  • Secure access to all building entryways
  • Cafeteria expansion
  • Annually replace 1-2 buses

My house is valued at $100,000. What will be the impact of passing the FLSD Millage?

The current school millage rate for FLSD is 34.8 the new millage will be 38.8. This new rate will cost you $80.00 annually. The Homestead Credit reduces these amounts by $350 you will be obligated to pay the millage increase.

This is an annual increase of only $80.00 or $6.67 per month (11.67% increase)

How does the extension of the current tax rate from 2036 to 2048 affect me?

The 7.75 mills will be extended from 2036 to 2048. Instead of it expiring in 2036, the new millage rate of 8.8 debt service mills will remain in place until 2048. The only increase you would see from what you are paying now from 2036 to 2048 would be related to the 1.05 new debt mills as outlined above. You would continue to pay the 7.75 already in place from 2031 to 2046.

My residence is qualified for the Homestead Tax Credit. How does this affect me?

If your house is valued at $100,000 and are receiving the $350 Homestead credit, you currently pay $346 annually for school taxes based on the 34.8 school mill levy. With the new tax increase of 4 mills you would pay an increase of $80 annually or $6.67 more per month. Please contact the Garland County Assessors office at (501) 622-­3730 or Saline County Assessors office at (501) 303­-5622 to discuss your tax implications based on this increase.

I am 65 years old. How does this millage increase affect me?

Assessment is frozen for people 65 or older and/or people with disabilities. However, if the millage rate increases,

the property tax for those people will increase to account for the new millage rate based on their current frozen assessment.

Please contact the Garland County Assessor's (501) 622-­3730 or Saline County Assessor's office (501) 303­-5622 to discuss your tax implications based on this increase.

Who can I contact at the school for more clarification?

You can contact the Superintendent, Dr. Michael D. Murphy (501) 701-1710 or by email.