Irish Research

If you are attempting to trace back your ancestry into Ireland these are the basic steps you should consider taking, or perhaps re-taking.

To make researching ancestors in Ireland viable, or at least easier, sit down, undisturbed if possible and write on paper or record in your computer (or online) EVERYTHING you have found (e.g. have sources for) and think you know (e.g. family stories) about each of your Irish ancestors. EVERYTHING... and in as much detail as you can. Even if you think you have already done this, go over what you have once again and make sure you have EVERYTHING. Get it all in one place as clearly as possible so that you can easily refer to it later and know for certain the information is as correct as you can make it. Using a pencil and paper can help. You'll never regret this.

Click on the link just below to help you with what basic information to gather about your Irish ancestor.

Now that you've done that... which kind of Irish ancestor do you have? Click on a link below that best describes you and your ancestor(s) for ideas.


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