About 7th Grade English


Ms. Bailey 7th Grade Language Arts




Required Materials:

· Folder specifically for English class

· Pencils with erasers

· 1 single subject spiral notebooks

· 1 composition notebook for journal

· School appropriate book for leisure reading

· Kleenex and Post-It Notes - if you are able/willing to donate

Overview of Class:

Language Arts is literature-based. Students will be given the opportunity to read a variety of different pieces of literature beginning with short stories in the fall and ending with novels by the end of the academic year. Grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary exercises will also be incorporated within each unit of study. Students will also keep a journal in the classroom which will be used for a variety of different writing purposes. They will also be writing a personal narrative and a research paper.

Course Units:

    • Short Stories
    • Power Reading
    • Personal Narrative
    • Reading/Writing Workshops
    • A Christmas Carol
    • The Outsiders
    • Research Paper
    • Poetry

Grading Policies:

Students will be evaluated on assignments, participation, group activities, written compositions, quizzes, and tests. Grade reports will be given out throughout the year and entered online. Grade Weights: Summative 65% Formative 35%

A+ 100% B+ 87% C+ 77% D+67%

A 93% B 84% C 74% D 64%

A- 90% B- 80% C- 70% D- 60%


Parents and students need to check grades online using ParentVUE or StudentVUE. Both are accessible through flaschools.org/cen. Paper copies can be sent home by request.

Extra Help:

Students are more than welcome to come in before or after school for additional help. I will be in my room at 7:15 before school every morning and after school until 3:15 every day except Wednesdays. Students seeking extra help should give me a simple heads-up during the school day of when they are coming in.


When students are absent, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain any notes or assignments that they have missed. They can check my website or check in with me with any questions before or after school. Students will have two days to complete any work missed and get it turned in (unless otherwise specified).

Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism:

Students are expected to do all assignments, quizzes, and tests on their own. Plagiarism is defined as when any student takes any part of another person’s work (with or without their permission) and claims it as his or her own. Any student who plagiarizes will have a conference with the teacher regarding consequences and parents will be notified.

About Ms. B

Hi everyone!

My name is Ms. Bailey and I am so excited to be your 7th grade teacher! This is my fourth year teaching seventh grade English and my first year in Forest Lake.