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Elective in School; Requirement for Life!

Go to Moodle to view & turn in class assignments. Go to your class page for daily agenda, calendar, files, and links.

MOODLE - All class assignments are assigned and submitted through Moodle. You are required to login with your student network user ID & password. Don't have it? Go to ParentVue/StudentVue and click "Student Info". CLICK HERE FOR MOODLE HELP!

Welcome to Business Education!

This website is designed for students enrolled in Ms. Lourey's Business Education courses. See important information that will help you succeed in your BE course by clickin on your class link below!

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Classroom Information - View basic information about BE classes with Ms. Lourey.

Ranger Respect - Find out what Ms. Lourey expects from students.

About Ms. Lourey - Learn about your teacher and what you can expect from her.

StudentVue - Check on your grades and missing work.

ParentVue - View student's grades and check for missing work.

Links to Student School Accounts

***Student network user ID/email/password is required!

There are numerous places where students access learning materials and resources online. Below you will find a list of the services I use for my classes and a short description of what they do or how they work:

  • Moodle - Students can access and turn in assignments
  • Computer Files - Students can download their saved computer files from their network home drive ("H drive")
  • School Email - to get your school Gmail with the address
  • Google Accounts - Students are provided with a Google Apps account which provides email, Google Drive storage and access to Google tools like calendar, docs, slides, and more.