4/16: Hey check out a song I played drums on. I did not write the song, only the drums: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BZKqTsXbV1Ou0srzdYzwEB7Ygyc1uT7P


STEM night is happening again at NAU on March 11 from 5-7pm. It is an awesome time and you'll leave with a bunch of free stuff ;)



  • Remember, if you hear the fire alarm in between classes you must meet in the parking lot with the people from your last class. Go to the parking spot that corresponds to your last class' room number.

2/19: I am out sick. I hope y'all were on your best behavior for whoever was guest teaching. Tutoring is canceled but I am free Wednesday at lunch to make up for it. I encourage you to stop by. Remember that there is tutoring Monday-Thursday after school!

1/31: I am no longer allowing "goop" or "slime" in class. In the past, I have found pieces on tables and chairs. Today, I found that someone had covered a classroom calculator in goop. This was the last straw for me. I'm sorry to the students who play with it correctly but I will be confiscating any goop and turning it into the office.


  • Hope y'all had an awesome 3 day weekend!
  • Make sure you check the website when you are absent. ALL materials are available and posted.


  • VERY IMPORTANT: Grades restart at the beginning of the semester. If you miss one assignment your grade will be very low. Don't worry though! You will have many chances to bring your grade up.


  • REMINDER: If you have been absent, make sure you make up work to receive credit on assignments/quizzes. If you need help figuring out what you missed, click on your class' webpage and read the daily updates. If you still need help figuring out what to do, come see me and we can work on it together.
  • REMINDER: Please read the summary at the end of all of your assignments. They are very important and help tie concepts together.


  • I am going to out of town Monday and Tuesday. Please come to after school tutoring during the week or find me at lunch if you have questions about the content covered.


  • Welcome back! Grades are posted for semester 1. Overall, final exams averages where higher than normal... GOOD JOB!
  • IMPORTANT: Check FALA's website to view the new school calendar. Link: https://flagarts.com/academic-calendar/