Varsity Letter

Earning a varsity letter provides a sense of accomplishment and pride for high school athletes. At Troy High School, we want our track athletes to have this opportunity. Below is a list of requirements to earn a varsity letter.

Varsity Letter Requirements

1. Compete in 6 of 7 meets at the varsity level.

2. Score a varsity point in a preseason or league meet.

The track program will purchase an athlete's first letter. We will also provide the foot/wing decal. Furthermore, if an athlete letters multiple years, then a bar will be provided for the athlete as well. Finally, if any athlete scores a varsity point and the team goes on to win league , the track program will purchase a Freeway League Championship patch.

*Note - The track program will not purchase the jacket, nor a CIF patch. CIF patches can be purchased at the CIF event.