Track and Field


Frequently asked questions for the novice track fan.

My child has never participated in track and field before? Should he/she try out?

Yes! We encourage all students who are interested in participating in track and field to try out. We do make cuts for track and field, but our aim as a program is to remain positive, teach the finer details of his/her event and to have fun. Success typically follows!

If my son or daughter makes the team, what is the suggested donation?

The suggested donation is $100.

  • How much fundraising does the track team partake in?

Because of the sheer volume of athletes we have in the program, we are able to keep our fundraising activities to a minimum. The suggested donation, a simple activity with Blast Athletics, and a team night at Snail's Pace are our only three fundraisers. Note: Although it is a team night at Snail's Pace, athletes are not required to attend or purchase, the vendor simply donates a percentage of the sales back to the program. Our fundraising activities require the athletes to sell no products of any kind!

  • What kind of volunteer activities are asked of the parents?

There are only a few activities where the team will need assistance from parents. First, we typically need two parents to work the snack bar at our home meets. Moreover, since Troy is responsible for running League Finals, assistance will be needed for this event. Donations of Gatorade for home meets are asked for as well.

  • I assume that the program provides uniforms. What other equipment will I have to purchase?

The track program does provide uniforms. All athletes will obtain a track and field t-shirt as well. However, the school does not provide track shoes. There will be a period of time where the athletes can also purchase Troy Track and Field gear from the team store.

  • How many events make up a high school track meet?

In high school there are typically 13 events. They include the 100m, 200m 400m, 800m, 1600m, 3200m, 4x100m, 4x400m, long jump, triple jump, high jump, discus and shot put. Some leagues allow pole vaulting. However, the freeway league does not.

  • How is a track meet scored?

Athletes earn 5-points for finishing first in an event, 3-points for second and 1-point for third. Relays are typically scored as 5 points for first place and 0-points for second; unless there are more than 2 teams, then the scoring changes slightly. Like a typical athletic contest (except golf) the team with the highest score at the end wins!

  • In what order are the events organized?

Each league is different. For the order of events for the Freeway League please click on the Track Meet Information tab on this website. Here you can download and print out the order of events for the Freeway League.

  • How many events can an individual enter?

Each athlete can enter no more than 4 events for any one track meet.

  • Can an athlete compete at both the frosh/soph and varsity level during the same track meet?

No. An athlete can only compete at one level during a single track meet. Furthermore, a freshman or sophomore may compete at the varsity level, but a junior or senior may not compete at the frosh/soph level.

  • How does an athlete qualify for League Prelims?

An athlete qualifies for league prelims when he/she finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a league meet. Note: The Fullerton City Championship is not considered a league meet.