Competitive Events

Facebook Challenge

  • Troy teams only
  • Monday night, April 16, 45 minutes
  • Teams will be tested on their knowledge and practical ability in topics ranging from cryptology to system administration to basic network concepts.

Network Security Master Challenge

  • Troy and Ladera Vista teams
  • Tuesday, April 17, morning (Troy Open and Ladera Vista) / afternoon (Troy NJROTC), 3.5 hours
  • This portion of the National Finals incorporates the methods used in the online rounds and adds elements based on the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC). Unlike CCDC, teams are not required to give presentations during the competition. During this challenge, teams are provided with a set of competition images and AT&T-provided mobile devices with iOS operating systems.
  • Teams will have tasks to complete within the images and using the mobile devices.
  • The team that successfully completes the AT&T Mobile Device Component injects in the fastest time will be considered the winner of the AT&T Mobile Device Component.
  • Scenario: Each team is serving as the administrators for a small company. You will be responsible for maintaining their servers and network services. When you inherit your systems all scored critical services will be functional and operational. However, the previous administrators may not have followed best practices.

Cisco Networking Challenge

  • Tuesday night, April 17, 1.5 hours
  • Ladera Vista and Troy teams
  • Teams are scored on their ability to demonstrate proficiency in network security knowledge. Teams are challenged to use their team members efficiently to complete all aspects of the challenge in the allotted timeframe.
  • Each division has a one-hour and thirty minute competition period. Both the Networking Quiz and Hands-on Networking Challenge will be scored after the one-hour and thirty minutes allotted competition time.
  • Challenge Components. The competition is divided into two distinct components that are scored separately.
  1. Networking Quiz (30%). In order to secure a network, you need to know the fundamentals of building a network. This quiz will test your knowledge of networking fundamentals and network security.
  2. Hands-on Networking Challenge (70%). The hands-on exercise consists of device troubleshooting and configuration. Each team is presented with networking equipment, cables, and instructions.


Open & All Service Divisions Middle School Division

Network Security Master Challenge 60% 90%

Cisco Networking Challenge 30% 10%

Facebook Challenge 10% -