Cyber Defense Teams

Troy hosted 20 high school teams in 2016/17, the most of any high school in the US. We are planning on hosting 30 teams in 2017/18.

Team Cyber Workshops will be from Aug 21-Sep 1 after school from 3:10-4:30 pm in rooms 1001 and 1002. We recommend that students make at least 3 workshops. Prior experience is NOT required. Attendance in the summer camp is NOT required but recommended if you have no experience.

Team Cyber Tryouts will be from Sep 5-8 from 3:10-4:30 pm. Students only need to tryout on one of those four days.

  • Students are selected based on their attendance and performance at these workshops and their performance during the tryout.
  • We are looking for students who have good people and teamwork skills, can focus and prioritize tasks and are willing to learn cyber defense skills.
  • Our top two teams in 16/17 both had 9th graders on them; one with prior cyber experience and one without. Both of those young ladies competed at Nationals this year.
  • Enrollment in Troy's Cyber Defense classes is NOT a requirement.

Practices will be in two phases this year:

  • PRE-SEASON: September-October: one day per week, either on Mon, Tues or Wed from 3:10-4:30 pm or Mon at 4:40-6 pm.
  • IN-SEASON: November-February: one day per week, Mon-Wed, from 3:10-6 pm. Again, students only practice on one day.
  • LADERA VISTA Middle School, Beechwood School, Parks Middle School: Same practices as above.

Team Composition: Students will specialize in one of three areas: Windows operating systems, Linux operating systems, or network security. Students can choose which are they want to focus on.

Teams will have 5-6 students, including specialists in Windows, Linux and CISCO. Formal team assignments will be made in October.

Competitions: are normally 6 hours long. Only 5 students can compete at the same time, so most teams will "sub" a player at the 3 hour mark. We charge $5-6 per students to pay for pizza, snacks and drinks during the competition. Parents are needed to shop for the snacks and pick up pizza.

Troy competes in several cyber competitions each year:

  • CyberPatriot ( - the finest national cyber competition!
  • CA Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCIC) - new as of 2016. We helped design the 2016 competition and we qualified with two teams for the 2017 CCIC.
  • New York University High School Forensics Challenge (HSF) - Registration open until October 2. Qualification round is Sep 22-Oct 2. Finals in New York City, Nov 9-11. Teams of 1-3 students.
  • Troy Capture the Flag (CTF) - Open to all Troy students.

Cyber Defense Team Learning Resources:

Cisco Networking Academy: Registration information for new competitors will be given in September, 2017.

VMWare Virtual Machine Player: Free download. Program used to host Windows and Linux virtual machines used for competitions and practices.

CyberPatriot Training Materials:

YouTube: LOTS of videos on CyberPatriot training.