Troy Cyber Defense

Troy Cyber Defense Academic Program


We had over 230 tryout for our Troy teams last week. The list of students who made the team is here. The list of students who are probationary (based on your attendance and performance during practice) is here.

The combined list has more than 180 students. We are limited to 180 based on fielding 30 teams of 6 high school students each. We will reduce this list to 180 by October 15.

Those not making the team have been emailed by Mr. Stubblefield.

TEAM MEETING THIS WEEK: For ALL students who made our team in any status need to attend ONE of the following meetings:

  • Monday, 3:30, Lecture Hall
  • Monday, 4:45, Lecture Hall
  • Tuesday, 3:30, Lecture Hall
  • Wednesday, 3:30, Lecture Hall

Troy is proud to host the ONLY high school 4-year cyber defense program in the USA. We also have the largest cyber competition program in the USA, hosting 20 high school and 5 middle school teams in 2016-17, and expecting to have 30 high school and 5 middle school teams in 2017-18.

Cyber Defense touches each of our lives in so many ways. Part of Troy Tech, our Cyber Defense academic program will teach students the fundamentals of:

  1. Personal cyber ethics.
  2. Keeping your personal information private.
  3. Operating System Security and keeping the hackers away.
  4. Network Security and being secure in the Internet of things.
  5. How to investigate a cyber security incident.

Students will be able to perform hands-on defense techniques using virtual images. Being a member of a cyber defense competition team, while not required, is also encouraged to further increase student knowledge and understanding of the material. This program will evolve as threats evolve and the tactics and techniques adapt to both new and old cyber threats.

  • Troy's Cyber Defense Teacher and Coach is Allen Stubblefield. He also teaches computer science and formerly taught Navy JROTC at Troy HS for 10 years.
  • Retired Navy Commander after serving 21 years in the world's finest Navy, including command experience at sea and ashore
  • Holds a Masters degree in Computers, Webster Univ (1990) and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics with a concentration on Computer Science from the US Naval Academy (1984).
  • Coached Troy's CyberPatriot teams since 2010. Troy has had three appearances at the CyberPatriot Nationals:
    • 2017: Two Troy teams of the 25 high school teams, finishing in 2nd place and 9th place overall, plus 1st place in the mobile device challenge
    • 2016: Again, two Troy teams of the 25 high school teams, finishing in 2nd place and 9th place overall.
    • 2014: one team finishing 4th place overall, plus 1st place in the digital crime scene.
  • Mr. Stubblefield was named the 2016 CyberPatriot National Coach of the Year!