We assist our clients when they face communication issues that are having a negative impact and often create circular conversations, with no resolution. If you require logical, unbiased facilitation to create a productive conversation to resolve these issues in a financially effective and efficient way, we can help.

Effective facilitation

As humans, many of our interactions are influenced by

  • the way our brains are biologically structured
  • unconscious bias
  • incorrect assumptions and/or
  • lack of transparency

By acknowledging this, effective facilitation can assist you to harness these innate tendencies, which will allow you to make better decisions at critical crossroads. If you’ve hit a roadblock and mediation skills are required, these too can be added to the mix.

Our toolkit, including facets of neuroscience, NLP, family business advisory and formal mediation, makes us uniquely placed to assist you and help you move from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck’.

Why Five Feathers?

The Native Americans and many other ancient civilizations revered feathers, thus the gifting of one for the headdress to acknowledge the display of particular personal traits. These traits include bravery, strength, honour, trust and wisdom.

We assist our clients to draw on these traits in themselves, to work out the best solution to their current challenges. Thus Five Feathers Consultants came into being.


Although we are not limited to these areas, the majority of our clients are owners of closely held businesses, or people who are experiencing estate planning conflicts among family members and/or other beneficiaries. We also frequently advocate for people with life/disability insurance claims. In all these instances, we can help.

Formal Mediation

We help people communicate effectively to resolve the challenges they face.

How do you create alignment between parties?

How do you consider the human facet that comes into play in all decision making; often the elephant in the room?

How do you bring parties together to move forward in the same direction?

We can help.

Claims Advocacy

Many people are intimidated by the claims process. You need to deal with

  • a multitude of forms,
  • unfamiliar terminology,
  • requests for further information,
  • understanding if you potentially qualify for a payment

Dealing with all this when you are either grieving or suffering ill health can be daunting. This particularly applies to those who have insurance through their super fund or from buying direct, with no adviser to assist them with the process.

Many in this situation will engage a lawyer to assist when, in fact, there is no dispute and they don’t require legal advice, simply someone to help them understand the policy they have. We assist with the paperwork and communicate with the insurance company to smooth out the experience and provide guidance in an innately stressful time. With 35 years experience in assisting clients with their claims management, we can help.

If your claim is unfairly declined, that’s when formal complaints processes, tribunals and lawyers may come into play.

Family-owned or closely held Business

We have extensive experience working with family-owned and closely held businesses. Often they are started from scratch. As they become successful and grow the dynamics often become more complex. It can be difficult to navigate the conversations that need to happen to move forward or create a constructive environment to make important decisions. These decisions can affect the future of your business direction, structure or employees.

If there is more than one generation involved in the business, the complexity multiplies and sometimes conflicting agendas or personalities can come into play.

Whether it is succession planning, internal conflict, uncertainty about future direction or you simply require an independent facilitator for important meetings, we can help.

Estate Planning Conflicts

How often do we hear about the Will being read and family members never speaking to each other again, or battling in court for years?

Effective estate planning includes setting expectations before the event, as well as putting the legal documentation in place, to ensure our wishes are carried out. If these things aren’t managed well, they can create permanent rifts between family members. Extended disputes over estates deplete the legacy. But there’s a lot more to lose than money, a lifetime of shared history can be lost in an instant.

This can be particularly challenging if there is a business involved and some, but not all, offspring are actively engaged in it. How do you equalise your estate to ensure siblings feel equally looked after? Are there any skeletons in the closet you hope never come to light (eg. unknown potential beneficiaries)? Ideally, planning ahead, in conjunction with your legal advisers, can minimise potential conflict and preserve family relationships. Unfortunately, many don’t foresee the potential conflicts and if you wish to try and preserve relationships after the fact, we can help.

Clarifying and understanding your Personal Insurance

Many people hold multiple personal insurance policies, privately and via their super funds. Although, with time, they no longer remember how they work and what they cover. If you would like them explained in layman’s terms to determine if it’s appropriate for you to seek advice and review them with an adviser, we can help.

  • Life insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
  • Trauma/Critical Illness
  • Income Protection/Salary Continuance

Training and Facilitation

If you require an experienced person to facilitate training or meetings, we can help.


Being diagnosed with early stage Breast Cancer would be one of the most frightening experiences of my life. With a small child and a mortgage, I had no idea what to expect or what it would cost me – financially, mentally or even if I would ever get the all clear. My own research found that my conditions wasn’t covered by Trauma Cover, but Nancy had the expertise to know better! She was able to guide me as to what I was entitled to – it was an old policy - and partnered with my insurance company to initiate the claim. This allowed me to focus on my health and well-being, and to feel confident that I could afford the best treatment available to me.

Throughout the entire claim process, Nancy was gentle and supportive. She did the “leg work” with the insurance company herself and then interpreted the jargon back to me – This meant I could access my insurance quickly and easily without having to go backwards and forwards. I can’t thank Nancy enough for her support during this time. Now it is all over, I can happily enjoy a holiday with my daughter.

Rachel, 45

I am a 49 year old woman with a chronic illness that has been progressively getting worse over the last 4 years. Many hospital admissions and time off work led me to look at my superannuation for some financial assistance.

With the encouragement, guidance and help from Nancy Peat I started looking into the default policy on my super for income protection. How anyone is able to wade through the amount of paperwork, questions and forms needed to put in a claim, without assistance, is beyond me.

Nancy was fantastic in her knowledge, experience and support in organising my claim. Her knowledge meant that the claim I was lodging may be backdated to the start of my ill health (4 years). I am now waiting to hear back from my super and expect a successful outcome.

Jodie, 49