Alireza Rahimi

Transportation Engineering Researcher

GSAW Summit 2019

ITE Seminars

Adriano Foti, T.Y. Lin International Senior Project Manager

Steve Lockwood, CEO Steve Lockwood, LLC

Erin Emmons, Associate Planner Kimley-Horn

Fermin Diaz, Stantec

Dr. Robert L. Bertini, CUTR Director

TRB 98th Annual Meeting

Autonomous Vehicle demo at TRBAM

Abbas Mohaddes, Econolite President & COO

Laurie Matkowski, Director of CAV Services at Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, Chair of the CEE Department at FIU

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

TSMO is a strategic approach to proactively improve mobility for all modes of transportation by integrating planning and design with operations and maintenance to holistically manage the transportation network and optimize existing infrastructure. (read more.)

Need for TSMO

  • Increasing congestion impacts
  • Increasing constraints on new capacity additions
  • New capacity does not necessarily resolve congestion

Travel Demand Forecasting determines the quantity and type of trips to be carried by the transportation system connecting the land use activities located within the metropolitan area. Travel forecasting is a fundamental activity necessary for area wide transportation planning. It is needed to estimate the location and capacity of transportation facilities; to perform revenue studies, air quality analysis, or determining energy requirements for travel. (read more.)