How do I reset my password?

To reset your password on the Education portal, please visit Education portal lost password page

To reset password for the Hour of Power Instructor account please visit Hour of Power Lost password page

I received a password reset link, but when I when I try to log in after I reset my password, I'm getting "ERROR: Invalid username" or "ERROR: The password you entered for the email address ********** is incorrect"

Please note that Education portal and Hour of Power website use separate account login credentials. While we usually make your username and/or email address the same for both websites, the password may be different. Make sure that you are on the proper login page.

To access your Fitness4x4 and Hour of Power courses visit education.fitness4x4.com. To read Daily Instructor blog and purchase from the Hour of Power Instructor store visit hourofpower.fitness4x4.com

We recommend that you set the same password on both websites if you don't wish to memorise 2 different passwords. Alternatively, you can simply save both passwords - in your browser's internal password manager, on a note or in a 3rd party password manager application. If you tick Remember me on the login screen (which is only recommended if you are not using a public computer), you credentials will be saved in your browser for both websites

I see a prompt "Your access to this Course has expired" when I attempt to access the course

Course access is set to expire automatically after a certain period of time. Please notify us that your access expired by sending an email to web@fitness4x4.com

I'm constantly seeing "ERROR: Invalid username" even though I typed in the correct email address

Please try to enter your assigned username instead of your email address in the Username field. Welcome email contains your site username.

Still can't log in? Send an email to web@fitness4x4.com