Funnn in Fourth

Welcome to the 4th grade! Check out some of the activities we have done throughout the year

As a member of the Illinois Army National Guard, I will try to implement some of my military training into my teaching. Don't worry, I won't be yelling at them like a drill sergeant! Staying organize, being respectful, and working hard will be some ideas we will be working on throughout the year.

To the left is a picture of our "class platoon." Look for your son/daughter!

Fossil Funnn

Thanks to Mrs. Clemmons, our class was able to work with her to create fossils with a shell. They imprinted their shell to create a fossil. The students really enjoyed creating them!

Middlefork Forest Preserve Field Trip

On October 12th, the 4th grade classes went on a field trip outside of Rantoul to the Middlefork Forest Preserve. We learned a lot about some local animals and plant life. It was a great experience full of new information, a nature walk, and lots of laughter!

Halloween Party

Thanks to all the parents who helped out, our Halloween was such a great time. The class appreciates everything you do!

Enjoying the eruption!


During first quarter, the students learned a lot about rocks and volcanoes and we put our knowledge to the test by constructing our own volcanoes

Special thanks to the third graders who came and watch the eruptions