The Little Knights Childcare Center

Welcome to the Little Knights Childcare Center.


Fisher Little Knights Childcare Center believes that young children learn best when they play and interact with age-appropriate materials, other children, and the adults in the classroom. Children should be allowed the opportunity to explore, discover, be creative, and make mistakes. The daycare teacher makes every effort to provide an engaging, challenging learning environment to promote positive learning experiences.

The daycare uses the Creative Curriculum for daycare to guide lessons and discussions. The Creative Curriculum is a developmentally appropriate, research-based curriculum which integrates literacy, mathematics, science, sensory, social, and large motor skills and engages a child’s natural curiosity about the world around them.

In addition to academic skills, the daycare focuses on social-emotional development by helping the children learn to express themselves, get along with others, and problem solve when disagreements arise.

Our overall goal is to provide children with loving care in a safe environment with an educational experience. Specifically, our goals are to give the children the opportunity to: Develop a healthy self-concept; Develop both socially and emotionally; Develop enjoyment of the creative experience; Develop trust in adults and peers; Develop independence and responsibility for self; Develop security and a feeling of success; Develop skills in the physical, cognitive and language areas.