FISD Connected

Floresville Independent School District is excited to continue our FISD Connected program, where every student will have a mobile digital device!

The district has been working toward a one-to-one learning environment since 2018 when the FISD Strategic Plan charged the district to “design innovative learning environments” for all students. During the last two years, the district has made great strides to achieve this by taking advantage of various grant opportunities. In order to prepare students for their future, it is important that they learn how to incorporate technology into their lives responsibly, efficiently, and effectively.

All learners will utilize technology to enhance learning. Students and parents should note the following:

  • Devices will need to be brought to school daily

  • Students will connect to the FISD Wifi which includes the district’s firewall that will filter content for your child’s safe use of the internet while at school.

  • Teachers will monitor and assist students as they use the internet.

  • Your child’s device should be fully charged every night. They should bring the charging cable if their device won’t hold a charge for several hours.

We look forward to yet another successful year!

Click on the video above to get started with the FISD Connected Website.