at the Schraffts City Center

Welcome to FIT at the Schraffts City Center

Our state-of-the-art fitness center contains a spacious work out area, a group exercise studio and locker rooms and shower facilities. The facility is only available to tenants who work at the Schraffts Office Park. The fitness center is open Monday through Friday from 5am to 8pm.


The fitness center is managed by First Fitness Management, LLC (FFM). With over 35 years of experience. FFM brings unparalleled customer service and fitness knowledge. Matt Pimental, our Center Manager, is available to help all members, from beginners to experienced athletes, achieve their fitness goals. Please contact Matt with any questions regarding membership:

Fitness Equipment:

Equipment in the center includes a full variety of Cardiovascular, Strength and Functional Training equipment, such as

· Treadmills with Individual TV’s

· Ellipticals with Individual TV’s

· Steppers with Individual TV's

· Stairmaster Gauntlet Stepmill

· Upright and Recumbent Bikes

· Rowing Machine

· Spin Bikes

· Squat Rack

· Lat Pulldown Machine

· Fly Rear Deltoid Machine

· Functional Cable Machine

· Dumb Bells

· Kettle Bells

· Adjustable Benches

· TRX Straps

· Misc. Functional Training Equipment

Group Exercise Classes:

The Fitness Center also features a group exercise studio where we will conduct a wide selection of exercise classes each week ranging from Cycling to Boot Camp. Please pick-up the class schedule at the Fitness Center Front Desk or see the schedule at the bottom of this page.

Benefits and Cost

Membership to the Fitness Center is for tenants only. Membership costs $35 per month and will be collected by FFM through a monthly electronic funds transfer. Corporate Rates are available. Contact Matt Pimental for Corporate Rate information:


All new members will have a personal, guided overview of the Fitness Center to orient you with its amenities, safe equipment set-up/use, member policies, services, classes, check-in software and more. We believe knowing your fitness environment provides you with the tools for a safe, efficient, and effective workout. In addition, we invite you to meet with our Center Manager to receive a complimentary fitness evaluation and workout program.

Attendance Log In

All members will be provided with a Gym Access Card to access the fitness center and are expected to check-in at the Fitness Center front desk each time they workout.

Dress Code

Members are expected to wear modest, loose fitting clothing that is appropriate for a corporate environment (e.g., shorts, T-shirts, warm-up suits, sweat suits, etc.). Socks and appropriate footwear must also be worn at all times.

Security and Lockers

For your security, we have installed video surveillance cameras in the main workout area and the group exercise studio. Lockers are provided for your valuables while you are exercising. Clothing and other personal items cannot be left in lockers when you are not in the Fitness Center. Locks will be cut if necessary. We strongly encourage you not to bring valuables to the fitness center.

Member Courtesy

The Fitness Center is here for all of our members. If you are using the strength training equipment for more than one set, please allow other members to use the equipment between sets. Deposit soiled tissues and towels in appropriate receptacles. Report any bleeding, blood spots/stains on equipment, towels, clothing, etc. to a FIT staff member to ensure proper handling and clean-up.

Audio/Video System

An audio/video system is available for member use while exercising. Individual TV’s are installed on each piece of cardiovascular fitness equipment. Members are responsible for providing their own radios/headphones and if desired, pre-recorded music.

What to Bring To the Fitness Center:

Shampoo, conditioner, soap and hair dryers will be provided in the locker rooms

  • Work-out clothes
  • Towel
  • Lock for personal items held in locker
  • Headphones for cardiovascular equipment personal televisions
  • Water Bottle – there is a refillable water bottle station in the fitness center.

To join, please visit the Fitness Center or click on the following link: