The Official MONSON

Town Wide Tag Sale

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

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COME ON DOWN TO THE BAR - B - Q at First Church

The Monson Town Wide Tag Sale, considered one of the largest in all of Massachusetts, will be the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend starting at 8:00 AM until we all drop from exhaustion (for some of us, that could be 8:30...)

Last year we estimated that between 500 and 1000 cars full of potential buyers visited over 125 registered Monson's residents and their lawns, garages and driveways filled with the treasures of yesterday and today. And Lord knows how many more tag sales went on.

And already this year families are signing up to participate. We only have 125 "STARS" to give out this year so best to sign up as early as possible.

So what does a "STAR" buy me? Prestige, Honor, Glory? Extra money? Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes! (especially, the last YES!). You see, we folks at the First Church put together THE MAP, which shows the location of every tag sale along with a description of the items for sale at each "STAR" location. We pre-sell THE MAP and email it out to people all over New England the night before.

And our volunteers (wo)man the roadways coming into town selling the map to anyone and everyone who dares to stop.

Oh, and we have THE RAFFLE. By offering prizes of immeasurable value, we entice sellers to visit tag sale locations that may not be right on the center of town.

Thirdly, we have a huge barbecue as only can be found in MONSON, co-sponsored by our partners at Adam's Hometown Market, along with craft and tag sale vendors that wish to join us at the 5 High Street Parking Lot location