Wildland Fire / Air Quality Tools

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This site ( URL: https://sites.google.com/firenet.gov/wfaqrp-airfire-tools/ ) will go down at the end of October.

This page provides links to the most recent versions of tools produced by the U.S. Forest Service PNW Research Station's Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory in support of the Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program and wildland fire operations.

image of map with monitor icons

Aggregated ground monitoring information

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image of BlueSky daily run page

Visualize daily smoke forecasts

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image of BlueSky Playground interface

BlueSky Playground

Customized emissions and dispersion modeling. Two versions available.

More info / help (v3)

image of map showing sample trajectories

Customized trajectory modeling

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image of charts and graphs

Tool for working with air quality monitoring data

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image of North America with transport overlay

Daily forecast analysis of site location potential to reach Arctic

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Climatology of mixing height, transport winds, and ventilation index

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Climatology of conditions allowing for transport to the Arctic

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Seasonal and monthly maps of atmospheric instability - CAPE

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Seasonal and monthly maps of downburst climatology

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A mobile device focused app for determining smoke impacts in your area

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Tool for creating a published smoke outlook. Use is restricted to ARA use only.

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