We offer a variety tools to turn data into actionable intelligence allowing your department to make smarter operational decisions.

Use our tools to create an evidence based response.

If you have a decision to make, allow us to provide you the background analysis to make an informed, data based, decision.

Examples Include:

  • Travel Time Based Hierarchies
  • Station Location Planning
  • Operational Response Analysis
  • Scheduling & Staffing Analysis
  • Block/Grid Planning
  • Response Time Planning

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We can produce high quality maps and analysis to help your department plan your response.

  • Hydrant Mapping
  • Incident Mapping
  • Map book page creation
  • Population Mapping
  • Grid/Zone/Block Maps
  • Zip code Maps
  • Knox Box Maps
  • Standpipe maps

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We provide fully setup Microsoft Surface Pro tablets to capture patient signatures electronically, speed up billing and allow EMTs to write reports in the field.

We also offer a 1.5 CEU training class covering documentation best practices and effective use of the tablets.

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Offering innovative website building and email hosting at an affordable price, powered by Google, with no monthly costs for some organizations. Even better, it is simple enough you can manage your self once the site it built!

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Don't see your exact need here? Email us and we may be able to help!

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