Vision of Finneytown Local School District

To become a learning community with empowered students and inspired staff collectively engaging in thinking critically, growing intellectually, and living with integrity.

Why Personalized Professional Development?

We have varied experiences and professional backgrounds.

We have varied interests, learning styles and training needs.

We value lifelong learning.

"One size fits all" is not an effective approach for learning.

Next Steps

  1. Think about your professional needs and wants. What do want to learn? How do you learn best? Will you be working independently or collaboratively?
  2. Browse this site. Each subpage offers an option for learning.
  3. If you are choosing a collaborative path, make arrangements with your colleagues.
  4. Read. Learn. Do. Reflect. Share.
  5. At the conclusion of each PD day, complete the reflection form. The form submission will also allow you to read the responses of others. If working collaboratively, each person submits a form.

Q and A

  1. Q: What if I have an idea of my own that doesn't fit with the existing pathways? A: Visit the Choose Your Own Adventure subpage to propose another idea. Since this is personalized, your needs and ideas are valued! Perhaps your idea can become a future pathway for others!
  2. Q: What if I start a pathway and then change my mind? A: That's okay. A learner's needs may change. Make the necessary adjustments and begin a new pathway.
  3. Q: If I choose a book study, will the district pay for the book? A: Unfortunately, the district is unable to pay for books at this time. Please select a book you already own, request a set from the library, purchase the book, secure funding through your PTA reimbursement or apply for a grant. This is a pilot year for this model. Perhaps future years can include a budget to purchase more books for professional study. You may also want to check with your building administrator....some books have been purchased previously that may be available.
  4. Q: If I choose a collaborative pathway, can our group meet off campus? A: If you are collaborating during contracted work hours, please remain on campus. This allows others to occasionally join in on the learning.
  5. Q: Can I work on more than one pathway at the same time? A: Yes, please submit a reflection form for each.