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All the news about Donnell Middle School as reported by the students

Favorite Starbursts!

By Malayna Garland and McKenna Hall

We survived staff and students all around Donnell for their favorite Starbursts!

Here at the results:

The most like starburst was pink ! (47)

The second most liked was red!(32)

The Third most like was yellow! (11)

The Fourth most liked was orange! (6)

However, one person liked all, and three people didn’t like any!

What’s your favorite?

Donnell Yearbook Order Information

By: Destiny Gertz and Elizabeth Tisdale

It’s that time of year again! Time to order your one and only Donnell 2017-2018 yearbooks! The final due date to order yearbooks is April 1st, 2018. This yearbook is filled with 80 colored pages! For a hardcover book, it is $25 and for a softcover book, it’s $20. Order your Donnell yearbooks at with the order number of 12665 or fill out a slip order instead. Please try to order as soon as possible!!!

Is Water Wet

By Jadyn Barney and Durham Heiserman

We went around the school and asked students and staff if they think water is wet. We got 8 people that think water is wet and 14 people including both of us that think water isn’t wet. We didn’t get any reasoning why they think water is or isn’t wet.

Jadyn thinks water is not wet because it is a liquid and it wasn’t made wet it was already wet and nothing made it wet and it’s already wet at its state of matter. I also agree with Jadyn.

What is your opinion? Is water wet?

Valentine Gift Ideas

By: Destiny Gertz and Elizabeth Tisdale

It’s that time of year! Time for making cards and giving candy to all of your friends! Here are some cute and “PUNNY” ideas to make as Valentines.

Art Club

By: Malayna Garland & McKenna Hall

Do u like art? Love being creative? Love being with your friends ? Then you should join the art club!

Badminton Tourney

By Justin Arthur, Luke Montgomery, Connor Harp

Currently, in Gym class a Badminton Tournament is taking place. The 7th grade right now has 3 teams left and one team in the championship. Currently, Arda, Casey and Reegan are in the championship waiting to play the winner of Connor, Hudson, and Donovan vs Austin and Landon. Arda, Casey, and Reegan just eliminated a 14-1 team with Luke, Durham, and Grant to secure a spot to the championship. The winner of the tournament gets Little Caesar’s Pizza for lunch.

Fish in the Library

By Grant Johnston, Orion Francis, JJ Benjamin

Every time you walk into the Donnell library you are greeted by Ms.Brooks,the librarian. Before you go to check out books she always has a fun game ready for you.Ms.Brooks is a kind,Caring,and respectful person.Most of the time she has a game related to something that is going on.

What type of Valentine are you?

This is a fun quiz to see what type of Valentine you are! Click on the link for the questions. ❤️

Girl's Mid-Season Basketball

By: Durham Heiserman and Jadyn Barney

The 7th grade girls team is off to a 8-6 start and looking to finish off the season strong. They recently just beat a Whitmer team for the first time in a long time. They are looking to make a long run in the playoffs with hopes to win the championship. Click the link for full interview.

Mrs. Marshall

By Malayna Garland

When you go into the office you will see a new face… Brenda Marshall but we call her Mrs. Marshall. Mrs. Marshall came from the Findlay high school. Before the high school she was a stay at home mom, and she was a stay at home mom for 5 years. I asked her why she came to Donnell she said “she likes working with middle school students.” She said she likes working here so far. Mrs. Marshall is 55 Years old. She has 1 kid and 4 step children. She loves all 10 of the grandchildren. She is married to a guy named Doug.

Fun facts

Her favorite food is pizza. Her favorite color is blue. In her free time she likes to do crafts.

Something is Fishy About the Library

By Jaylene Gossman

We have new trout fish in our library. We are waiting for them to hatch out of their eggs. they have to be in the dark. We are waiting for them to grow. They are in the dark so when they get older they’re not blind. When they get older into a teen in fish years we will set them free when its spring.

I asked what they eat but they can’t eat yet there still connected to the yolk.

Right now they have been in the library for a couple days. If you are a student at Donnell you can come look at them but now we have them covered up! Be careful.

Kindness Calendar for February

It’s almost February! For this month coming ahead of us, let’s share the love and spread kindness! Down below is a list of what you can do for each weekday in February that the Community Service intervention group came up with.

What's The Love Behind The Day?

By: Ava Roach and Regan Alexander

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and giving flowers and chocolates are very common to give to your special someone. Do you truly know what really is behind this special day?

Speech and Debate Team

By:Casey Tate and McKenna Hall

Do you talk a lot? Do you like to talk? Do you have a certain interest or belief you strongly care about? Do you like to prove your point right? Then the speech and debate team is the perfect thing for you!

Girls Basketball Recap for Jan.17

By Justin Arthur

On Wednesday, January 17th, the 7th and 8th faced Washington at home. The 7th grade won with a score of 23-17. The team played great defense holding Washington's best player scoreless. Reegan Hayward led all scores with 12 points, Taylor Nichols added 4, Ava Cooper also had 4, Regan Alexander had 2 and Piper Lanigan added 1. Reegan shot an amazing 71% from the field including 100% from 3 point land. Coach Wilson was quoted as saying, “This was like...the first time we have beaten a Washington team in like...five years.”

8th Grade Girls won in Double Overtime vs Whitmer. Sophia Ruiz led the team with 9 points, Bri Nichols added 7, Katie Prusnek 6. In 2nd overtime Sophia Castellenta hit a huge 3 pointer to put us ahead for good. Abby Powell Faith Smith, Michaela Mc Namara, Addie Huffman, Josie Kressler all played great. This is a great start to a 9 game in 14 day series.

New Year, New You

By: Destiny Gertz and Elizabeth Tisdale

2018 is here! Do you want to start off the new year right? Well, if you do, you’ve come to the right article! We’re going to give you some goals to accomplish, and some tips and tricks to help you this year.

Tips to Staying Healthy with Mrs. Fox

By.Corra Vasquez and Brittney Smith

Mrs. Fox says to stay healthy you need to have a well balanced healthy diet. Get plenty of sleep at least 9-10 hours. Eat fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. Frozen vegetables are healthier than canned vegetables. Mrs. Fox encourages drinking lots of water and if you're going to drink milk Mrs. Fox suggests drinking skim milk. Getting a lot of protein is a healthy habit. It is important to limit as much fats and sugar as possible. You should exercise as much as possible. For students, Mrs. Fox said, “your first time exercising you should start small at 10 mins of play and work your way up.” Mrs. Fox gave some tips for students and staff members who are diabetic. Protein lean meats no sugar eat as much vegetables as possible like,corn, carrots.

Boring Brax

By Connor Harp and Durham Heiserman

Boring Brax, the most Boring man in the world. We interviewed Mrs. Wheeler and Mr. Wilson about him and the first question we asked them and we asked them how boring Mr.Brax really is on a scale of 1-10 1 being the least and 10 being the most boring. Mrs.Wheeler said 7/10 and Mr. Wilson said 4/10.

Give This Holiday Season

By: Destiny Gertz, Elizabeth Tisdale and Ava Roach

Who’s excited for this holiday season? We know we are! Now, obviously we all are excited for getting presents and eating food. But is it really always just about receiving? Did you know that giving things actually makes you feel better than getting things? We know this is hard to believe, but it’s true!

Up Close and Personal with Mr. Williams

by: Kellen Wetz, Ryan Elsea, Eric Anderson, and Zach Mcrill

We decided to interview our principle so everyone can know more about him. So, we asked him a series of questions about himself.

Why Mrs. Cheney Became a Teacher

by Adam Warnimont

Today I Interviewed Mrs.Cheney and the interview was about how she started teaching. Here are some of the things that we ask her.

Why Did Mr. Wilson Choose to Become a Teacher?

by Coby Norton

Why did the seventh grade teachers actually choose to be a teacher? Today Our interviewee will be... Mr.Wilson, here were the results(more):

Donnell Girls' Basketball

By Connor Harp and Durham Heiserman

We interviewed Mr.Stutzman the head coach of the 8th grade girls basketball team. We asked him a couple of questions. Our first question was, “who’s on the team?” (more)

8th Grade DC Field Trip

By: Brennan Finerd

I will be writing about the 8 grade field trip at Donnell Middle School in Findlay Ohio.I interviewed Mrs. Sheaffer for the 8 grade field trip.(more)

How to Sharpen the Saw with These Lifestyle Tips

By: Ava Roach, Destiny Gertz, and Elizabeth Tisdale

Have you ever felt like a couch potato? We all have. Sometimes, we forget to take care of the little things our bodies need, like hydrating ourselves and brushing our teeth. So here are some tips to help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. (more)