2018 Donnell 7th Grade Picnic

By: Alayna Hand Savanah P

Hey Middle schoolers! There will be a picnic Wednesday, May 23 during school hours after lunch till the end of the day. You can choose to eat your regular lunch or eat at the picnic.There are going to be hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies, pop, water, and anything else the teachers plan on doing. You can have two of any combination between the hotdogs and hamburgers.You can bring out your own lunch if you choose. There will be games to play and plenty of things to do . Hopefully it will be a sunny day for Donnell middle school students to have s great time!

Grade Importance

By: Alayna Hertel

Don’t underestimate the power of your grade. A lot of people

Seem to think that their grades and extracurricular activities are separate

but that is simply not the case.To participate in school sports you are expected to have at least a low c in the 4th quarter of the year or higher to be able to participate

In any fall sport. You should also want to get good grades because believe it or not that can affect your future. Jobs and future colleges are looking for someone that

Is driven and is happy about learning. Grades are a very important thing that you need to check on once and awhile.

Safety & Security

By:Grant Johnston

Most parents wonder or worry about the safety and security of their son or daughter in school. Here at Donnell Middle School students are extremely well taken care of. Soon this year we will have the “Boot project” in action, where highly secured doors that have a metal slide bar slides across the bottom of the door so an intruder will be unable to get to the students.

Around the area of Donnell there is an extremely low crime rate in hope for the “Boot project” to never be used, and if used, the students are safe. At Donnell the teachers are also very protective and caring towards are students. Here at Donnell, through teachers and the “Boot project,” an intruder shall not be able to harm the students here at Donnell Middle School.

How Do Teachers Feel About State Testing

By: Malayna Garland and McKenna Hall

Mr.Wilson- “Doesn’t affect me because there’s no testing in my subject at the 7th grade.”

Mrs. Marshall - “As a mom it’s puts to much pressure on the kids, as a “teacher” she said she understands why we take it.”

Mrs. Bowman-“ You need to be tested but it takes to much time and then kids freak out about it.”

Mrs. Smith-”Unnecessary stress on the kids , important to have testing , have different ways to tell.”

Mrs.Dittman-“Waste of learning time.”

Mrs.Biesiada- “It stinks.”

Mr. Shelts (student teacher)- “The only way you can properly test, it would be too complicated and subjected to do it a different way.”

Mrs. Lindahl- “Not my favorite.”

Miss Heath & Miss S (student teachers)- “I don’t believe it is an accurate portrayal of student ability, but I understand why students have to test.”

Mrs Canterbury- “It is extremely stressful for students and teachers, I think students should be able to create some kind of project with on hands experiences because some students don’t like computers.”

Mr. Miller- “Too much emphasis, it limits creativity and flexibility of students. Project based learning is better because you see what’s going on in real life situations. These test have taken things out of teachers hands, forcing them to teach with no authority.”

We asked 6th and 7th grade teachers how they feel about state testing and that's what they said. Do you feel a different way? Do you feel the same way?

Peer Coaching

By: Regan Alexander, Ava Roach, and Casey Tate

Are you thinking of being a peer coach in 8th grade ? It’s a great learning experience, and great ways to help other students. We interviewed Mrs. Bishop to dig a little deeper on peer coaching. Here are some of the questions we asked.

  1. When did peer coaching start? Peer coaching has been going on for 4 years.
  2. What made you come up with the idea? Mrs. Mack came up with it to help troubled students with their issues. Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Mack then came up with ways to develop the system. It is changed a little every year based on what feedback they get from the coaches and students.
  3. What are some benefits of peer coaching? It works on leadership, skill building, and learning the skills of the Seven Habits.
  4. What are some tasks they perform? They make a connection with their team member, ask them how things are going, and are a support system for the student.
  5. What do you want the team members to learn during their experience? To make improvements in whatever area is their weakness.
  6. What is the main key to being a good peer coach? Being sincere and caring about the student.

If you are going to be an 8th grader next year and are interested in being a peer coach there are packets in the office!

Walkathon T-Shirt Contest

By Justin Arthur and Brennan Finerd

This years theme for raising money for the Walkathon is buying two portable Gaga ball pits for recess. The shirt designs have to support the theme. The main shirt can only be one color. The writing and graphics also can only be one color. Of course they must be school appropriate. The designs can be handwritten or computer generated. The due date for designs is Wednesday, April 18th. The designs must be turned into homebase teachers. Mrs. Clark’s intervention will vote for the top three designs. Then the whole school will vote for the top design. The designs will be finalized on April 20th. More info will be available soon. Best of luck!

Donnell Walkathon

By Grant Johnston

Coming soon on Monday,May 21 Donnell is going to do their annual walkathon,where students walk for a period of time in school hours. They will be walking around the Donnell pond and school to raise money for the school. The walkathon PTO fundraiser asks students to either donate or pledge for walking a certain distance to raise money.

Donnell has been participating in the the Donnell walkathon for 11 years now. It first started with the teachers and staff wanting the eighth grade to participate more before they leave to the high school. Three years ago, to make it more fun, they asked what they would like it to go to, and they chose landscaping and the second year,t-shirt designing,and last year,they raised the most they have ever had,$10,000,which went towards the “boot” project. The “boot” project is a project where there will be highly secured doors installed to keep students safe in case of an emergency.

This year the Donnell walkathon will go to a gaga ball pit. Gaga ball is a game where a ball rolls on the ground in an octagon shaped pit that the students stand in,and try to hit the other person below the legs with the ball to get them out,until there is only one person left to win. The Donnell PTO hopes to raise more money this year than ever before to make Donnell a fun and exciting place for students.

State AIR Test

By: Jadyn Barney and Orion Francis

6th grade: *Reading Language Arts April 17, 18 *Math May 3, 4

7th grade: *Reading Language Arts April 12, 13 *Math May 1,2

8th grade: *Reading Language Arts April 10, 11 *Math April 24,25 * Science April 26,27

Ways to prepare for the test

-Study notes/flash cards

-Get a good sleep the night before the test

-Eat a good breakfast

-Stay focused on the test, and know your time limit for the test

-Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher questions.

-Make sure you have all of the needed materials for the test: Pencil, eraser, a book to read when you are done.

-Try your best


Best of luck!

The Boot

By: Regan Alexander

The Boot is a new tool that many schools are now getting. It’s a rectangular shaped plate of industrial steel, it weighs five pounds, and keeps any door secured when in a crisis situation. The Boot is the next way to be safe in a bad situation.

The Boot was invented by the Couturier family. One day the UM freshman girl, Brennan, was home for break and decided to go on a run. While she was running, a guy approached her and attempted to attack her. When break was over Brennan had to go back to school, but her dad was hesitant to let her go back because it wasn’t safe. That is when the idea of The Boot was made.

The Boot will make kids feel safer, all over the world. Findlay City Schools is trying to make an effort to get this tool in all of the buildings. One day, everyone will be safe and free of intruders.

Donnell School Dance

By: Destiny Gertz and Elizabeth Tisdale

The school dance is coming up! It’s this Friday March 9th from 4 to 6 p.m! The theme is masquerade so wear your best eye mask. It’s not required though, if you do not have one you can still enjoy the fun! There will be food and drinks for you to enjoy! It will cost $3 if you pay in advance at the cafeteria during lunch, or $4 if you pay at the door. Make your Friday night a little bit brighter and attend the dance! Those of you doing track, it ends at 3:30 so you’ll have some time to get ready to dance.

Donnell Yearbook Order Information

By: Destiny Gertz and Elizabeth Tisdale

It’s that time of year again! Time to order your one and only Donnell 2017-2018 yearbooks! The final due date to order yearbooks is April 1st, 2018. This yearbook is filled with 80 colored pages! For a hardcover book, it is $25 and for a softcover book, it’s $20. Order your Donnell yearbooks at YearbookOrderCenter.com with the order number of 12665 or fill out a slip order instead. Please try to order as soon as possible!!!

By: Malayna Garland & McKenna Hall

Do u like art? Love being creative? Love being with your friends ? Then you should join the art club!

Twice a month Mrs. Harrington and Mrs. Bishop do an arts and craft in the art room, anyone can go and it’s free! They last about 45 minutes to an hour after school. There is a new craft each time and they usually ask the students what they would like to do.

The Arts and Crafts club was started about 4 years ago by Mrs. Bishop. She decided to to start it because a parent of a sixth grader said her child loved art and one class period for one quarter was not enough. Mrs Bishop also loves arts and crafts.

How many people go? Around 15-25 go to the club but most of them are 6th graders because they can’t participate in sports like the 7th and the 8th graders. The most popular thing that they do is when they tie-dye shirts. Most of the same people try and go every time but if they have something else to do they will try and be there next time.

The next activity they will be making t-shirt tote bags! You would have to bring old tee shirts you wouldn’t mind recycling. Mrs Bishop will also provide some shirts but there won’t be enough, so bring your own. They will provide all the supplies for decorating them and putting them together. They meet up Monday, February 12th after school! They would love to see you there!

By Grant Johnston, Orion Francis, JJ Benjamin

Every time you walk into the Donnell library you are greeted by Ms.Brooks,the librarian. Before you go to check out books she always has a fun game ready for you.Ms.Brooks is a kind,Caring,and respectful person.Most of the time she has a game related to something that is going on.