Camp World is open to children currently enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grades (2020-2021 school year). It's a week-long series of activities packed with unforgettable experiences.

Each group of 20 students will have its own Findlay High School (FHS) counselor who will be with the campers all day.

Each teacher will be assisted by a teaching assistant.

In 2021 Camp World will feature Australia, the country. We will explore five of Australia’s six states: New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. Learning and fun will go hand-in-hand as campers enjoy the hands-on experiences! So come along as we begin our fun-filled week with “Everything Aussie.”

  • New South Wales: “Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine” FHS Art Teacher - Jon Gaberdiel

  • Queensland: “Bold but Faithful”

  • Wilson Vance teacher – Sydney Bland

  • Tasmania: “Fertility and Faithfulness”

  • Wilson Vance Teacher – Courtney Stanton

  • Victoria: “Peace and Prosperity”

  • Donnell Teacher – Lisa Canterbury

  • Western Australia: “Bearing the Sign of the Swan” STEAM Teacher – Stacy Douglas

Each day campers will visit all five countries and discover the differences that make each country unique.

  • Monday - Georgraphy & History

  • Tuesday - Art & Architecture

  • Wednesday - Customs & Cuisine

  • Thursday - Sports, Music & Dance

  • Friday - Points of Interest

Space is limited to 100 campers, so don't forget to make your reservation soon!

Contact 419-427-5495 or 419-425-8296 for financial aid or additional information.