Native American Education

Fife Public Schools

What is the Indian Education Program?

The Fife Public School's Indian Education Program is made available through a grant from the Department of Education, Title VI and JOM funding. The Indian Education Program recognizes and supports the unique cultural and educational needs of Native American students and helps Native students meet state academic content standards. Activities and program goals are developed by the Parent Committee, the school district, and the Native American Education Program Coordinator.

What Does the Indian Education Program Provide?

Who is Eligible for Services?

  • Increased academic achievement by improving and monitoring attendance and grades
  • Cultural activities, experiences and awareness, including family gatherings and Heritage Week
  • Collaboration and referrals to social services and outside agencies
  • Information on summer programs, higher education experiences and scholarships
  • Books, DVDs and videos for staff and community
  • Native American Youth Leadership Academy
  • Annual powwow
  • Recognition dinner for all native students and families, staff and community

To be eligible for program services, a signed Title VI 506 form must be on file in the district office. Click here to access a downloaded copy of the Title VI 506 form.

This says that the student is:

  • A member of a tribe, band or other organized group of Native people, including those terminated since 1940. Click here for a list of federally recognized tribes and their contact information.
  • A descendant of the first or second degree (parent or grandparent) Eskimo, Aleut, or other Alaskan Native
  • Considered by the Secretary of the Department of the Interior to be a Native

For more information please contact:

Martha Sherman

Native American Education Program Coordinator

Fife School District #417

Phone: (253) 517-1000 Ext. 25103

FAX: (253) 517-1055