Unit 1: 1491-1754

Key Concepts 1.1: Before the arrival of Europeans, native populations in North America developed a wide variety of social, political, and economic structures based in part on interactions with the environment and each other.

Key Concept 1.2: Europeans overseas expansion resulted in the Columbian Exchange, a series of interactions and adaptations among societies across the Atlantic.

Key Concept 1.3: Contacts among the American Indians, Africans, and Europeans challenged the worldviews of each group.

Key Concepts 2.1: Differences in imperial goals, cultures, and the North American environments that different empires confronted led Europeans to develop diverse patterns of colonization.

Key Concept 2.2: European colonization efforts in North America stimulated intercultural contact and intensified conflict between the various groups of colonizers and native peoples.

Key Concept 2.3: The increasing political, economic, and cultural exchanges within the “Atlantic World” had a profound impact on the development of colonial societies in North America.

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