Photos of Past Hikes

Tolmie Peak Lookout October 2018

We were supposed to go to Summit Lake, but the road proved to be impassable for my trusty Prius. So, we went to another nearby hike -- Tolmie Peak. We didn't make it to the top this time due to a pretty harsh reaction to the altitude of one of the hikers. Safety first! It was a gorgeous day in spite of everything, though! (I was the only one not wearing leggings and black Nike running shoes.)

Tolmie Peak Lookout Alumni Hike August 2018

You should have heard his mom use "the mom voice" when she saw him that close to the edge to get this picture. Even if she didn't like it, thanks for getting this picture, Cade!

Mailbox Peak May 2018

Lena Lake April 2018

Wallace Falls January 2018