Hiking Club

Wallace Falls

Vital Statistics

  • January 26; 7 AM in the FHS teacher-side parking lot
  • 5.6 miles round trip (this can be extended a bit at the top of the falls toward the lake, but if we go all the way it turns into a 9-mile hike with only about 250 feet in additional elevation gain)
  • 1300 ft elevation gain
  • 1500 ft high point
  • Discovery Pass
  • No snow for bootless hikers!

This is a good hike, though the trail can be a bit muddy at times.

We need to establish a new and better system of signing up for a hike and making sure we have enough drivers. We were limited to 4 slots on the first hike due to the room in my car. We had to take the first 4 who showed up, meaning everyone who wanted to go didn't get to go. We need to change things so that doesn't happen again!