Make sure to check out the list of scholarships in the library!

National FFA is pleased to announce that the 2020-2021 FFA Scholarship application is now open! We are once again partnering with ISTS (International Scholarship & Tuition Services) to host our scholarship application process. The scholarship platform allows students to create, edit, submit and accept their scholarship utilizing any web platform including a smart phone.

For your review, I have attached a State Staff Scholarship FAQ that outlines the improvements that were requested. In addition, I encourage you to visit our FFA Scholarship website at to view the new layout.

We look forward to an exciting FFA Scholarship program this year! If you have any questions, please reach out to me at or our new Program Manager, Mark Carter, at .



FFA Members and Ag. Ed Students

1. Neil Prescott Student Teacher/Internship

a. One-time for $1000

b. Next Fall and Spring

c. Go to website, Foundation, Scholarships, then to Neil Prescott Student Teacher Application

d. One for each WSSRA Region (8 Scholarships)

e. Application to be completed from WSSRA Website

i. Statement of need

ii. Work Experience

iii. Professionalism

iv. Three letters of Recommendation

v. Sealed College Transcript

vi. Complete Application

f. Mail by March 2st

1. WSSRA, 4726 Pacific Avenue, Lacey WA 98503

2.Gene Forrester Scholarship:

a. Two at $2000 each (One-Time)

b. Going to WSU majoring in Agricultural Education

c. Go to Website, Foundation, Scholarships then to Gene Forrester Scholarship

d. Mail by March 1st to

i. WSSRA, 4726 Pacific Avenue, Lacey WA 98503

WSSRA: Washington State School Retirees’ Association