Activities Coordinator

Matthew Schwaerzler

Hello there friends!

My name is Matthew Schwaerzler, and I am Fife's 2018-2019 ASB Activities Coordinator! I am so excited to be able to serve the school's student body this school year! I have been involved in leadership and ASB as far back as elementary school and have always wanted to give back to the school and community that has provided me with so much. It is truly a blessing to be in the position that I am right now.

Here's a little more about me. I participate in football and wrestling, and spend my weekends hanging out in the woods with the high school's Hiking Club. Outside of school, I enjoy reading comic books, playing video games, and working out. I spend a lot more time online than I'd like to admit, but it doesn't all go to waste. I stream myself playing video games on a platform called Twitch, and have gained a decent following! It's a newer hobby of mine that I enjoy a lot. Sports have been a huge part of my life since I was little. I have wrestled for 12 years now, and played football for 8. I also have dabbled in some basketball, baseball, and track in the past.

Want to keep up with me? You can follow me on multiple social media platforms.

      • Twitter: @schwaz40
      • Instagram: @schwaz40
      • Snapchat: schwaerterback
      • Twitch: schwaz

Some final advice for anyone reading this: enjoy high school. Get involved. It's cliche to say "high school is what you make of it," but it is so true! Hang out with your friends, go to more after-school events, and don't take anything for granted. Make memories that will last a lifetime, because high school goes by much faster than you'd think.